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Beautiful People – Valeria Orsini

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First Presidential Debate – Romney Wins, At First Sight

After watching the first presidential debate it must be said that Mitt Romney displayed much more confidence than current President Obama. His entire appearance was much stronger and appeared to be much more confident. Obama really looked like he is bothered by this debate and couldn’t wait until it is over. While Romney focused on the president and mostly was seeking eye contact with his opponent, Obama avoided the direct approach. The president appeared really like he had nothing to add to what is already said.

However, taking a second look and analyzing what was said, the entire outcome leaves us with a different result. Mitt Romney was able to take full advantage of Obama’s “absence”. He bluntly explained a few things of his program:

* He will cut taxes for the rich
* He will not cut social services as medicare and other health related services
* With his health program everybody will receive better services
* “Obama Care” will be kicked to the curbs
* He will fully support the military spending spree, whether that is needed or not
* He agreed that social security is an important program and will not be cut
* He claimed he will cut the deficit
* Regulations will not be touched, actually several regs will be cut

While making these statements he used two important phrases that stuck with people:

1. If you hear nonsense too many times you might just believe it

2. I don’t want to have programs that China has to finance for us

With those two phrases he got momentum for himself and his speech. It implied that his contribution is not nonsense, but Obama’s program is based on lies and they only come true by repeating them over and over again. That China is the “supreme” debt holder is as unpopular as cold feet and taking advantage of that fact was a sensational strategy for Romney. Stuff like that sits with people, especially when they are completely unchallenged by the opponent.

Looking at the above and realizing that Romney keeps failing to explain how his wonder program actually works, can be Obama’s plus, when he finally decides to ask a few questions. It is pretty clear that cutting PBS will not solve the poor state of finances in this country. All the points above promise paradise, everything will get better. Taxes go down and nothing is cut, while national debt is going down! Well, by all of Romney’s glory of last night, one doesn’t have to be an economist to understand that what he said is actually impossible. Not next to impossible, it is beyond impossible! Promising heaven on earth in a deeply miserable situation, and repeating it, might be what people want to hear, but selling out the American People for stupid will not cut it in the long run and you will be caught with your pants down.

So, fact is, all the promises will be just that, promises. It is impossible to implement all that and have the outcome Romney is trying to sell us. China has pretty much financed all the spending in two wars, all the bailouts and all the other things we needed to stay afloat over the past years. Even to pay for health care and social security was only possible with issuing debt to China and others. That Romney mentions PBS as a program that has been financed by China and has to go, is a joke. Admitted, it was a joke that worked last night in order to survive a one-on-one debate, but even with a lot of sympathy for the Republicans, you can’t be serious.

Obama’s appearance in the first debate was absolutely poor. Romney’s win isn’t based on strong contributions, but rather on a poor display of Obama. It wouldn’t have taken a lot to take Romney and his promises apart. While Romney accused Obama of “feeding” his political friends with spending in alternative energies, Obama was staying away from “dishing out compliments”, for no reason. Politics is a dirty business, there is no reason for a gentleman display, especially not in such a debate. Say it as it is and you win. If your opponent is twisting the truth, put it on the table and ask questions. And while you do so, address your opponent. Eye contact and staying away from emotional expressions is important. Don’t act like you have nothing to say. Failing to do so, will cost you your job, Mr. President.