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How People Break Their iPhones – Infographic

If you’ve ever dropped your iPhone in the toilet, cracked the screen after a kitchen table slip or thrown your phone in the washing machine, you’re part of the 51% of Apple owners who are accident-prone at home.

The most common iPhone mishaps occur in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, driveway and bedroom, according to SquareTrade’s Device Danger Zone Survey.

The tech protection plans provider estimates Americans have spent more than $5.9 billion on broken iPhone damages since Apple’s smartphone debut in 2007. In the last year, a recent study by SquareTrade also shows 30% of iPhones have incurred damage. Accidents happen at a rate 10 times higher than loss or theft.

Here’s a breakdown of how iPhone damages occur at home.

Source: Mashable.com, SquareTrade