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If Your Wifi Is Unprotected, This Man Can Expose It – Video

Oct. 12 (Bloomberg) — Sophos Director of Technology Strategy James Lyne discusses security issue with Wi-Fi hotspots. He speaks with Cristina Alesci on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Rewind.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Google+ Hits Big in BRIC Nations – Infographic

This chart shows that Google+ is far more popular in BRIC nations than it is in developed economies such as the United States, Japan or Germany.

Source: Statista


Moms And Social Media In 2012 – Infographic

This infographic provides an extensive view on the social media use of American moms.

Source: Statista

Second Presidential Debate 2012 – Video


The Perks Of Working From Home – Infographic

If you’re part of the 86% who drive to work every day, you can devise ways to lower your gas costs, save time and improve your health — by telecommuting.

The current workforce totals more than 128 million people, and while eight out of 10 people say they would like to work from home, only half are able to cut out their average 25.1-minute commutes.

If all workers who wish to telecommute were able to at least 50% of the time, the oil saved would amount to one-third of America’s Persian Gulf imports.

The infographic below, from CarInsurance.org, details the benefits of telecommuting. What is your stance on remote workplaces? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Mashable.com, CarInsurance.org