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Twitter Marketing: What Results Should You Expect – Infographic

Twitter is a great way to build and engage an audience with short, timely, relevant messages, but if you’re trying to drive traffic to your website, what results should you expect?

We wanted to know, so we analysed tens of thousands of tweets sent through Sign-Up.to’s Twitter marketing tools in the first seven months of 2012 to find out the answer. Then we compiled the results into this handy infographic.

In it we look at average click through rates (CTR) from tweets and how this varies by number of followers, day of the week and time of tweet.

As you’ll see, there were some interesting results. We found the average click through rate for a tweet is 1.64% (just over half the rate of email, which averages 2.95%), and that this declines rapidly as your number of followers increases. We also found that clicks tend to increase later in the day, peaking at around 6pm.

Source: Sign-up.to

The Simple Science Of Facebook Engagement – Infographic

This infographic is for people with Facebook fan pages. Here are simple tips for raising engagement rates, and suggestions for best posting times and successful Facebook contest ideas.
Source: Visual.ly, openforum.com

Finding The Productivity Sweet Spot – Infographic

Everyone wastes a bit of time at work, and some of the key sources may surprise you. It’s not just the internet that can cost employers time at work. Read our infographic on time wasting at work to understand if fantasy football or facebook causes us to procrastinate more.
There is an ideal balance of non-work activity that keeps people refeshed and employees engaged. It’s just unrealistic to expect 100% efficiency through the day. Distractions at work existed before the Internet. The key for companies is to manage these time wasters at work to an ideal level.

Source: NICE

Protect Your Privacy? Check Out MyPermissions, Now!

Are you on Facebook? Check out MyPermissions now. Seriously, just do it. – The Next Web.

Last week during one of my many recent trips to tech conferences all across Europe, namely DLD and Techono.me in Tel Aviv, Israel, I was invited to join Internet entrepreneur Jay Adelson (of Digg, Equinix, Revision3 and SimpleGeo fame) for a visit to the offices of startup incubator lool ventures.

One of the startups in its portfolio is MyPermissions, which we (and lots of others) profiled back in January 2012. We need do to it again, though.

The company is working on a free Web browser plugin and iPhone app that basically give users an instant overview of which applications they’ve granted access to their personal information, and given permission to use it in certain ways, across a variety of social media services.

Why do they need a mobile app for that, you ask? Well, try and get an overview of which apps you’ve linked up to your Twitter account from your iPhone from within Twitter’s official app. Good luck finding it. Meanwhile, MyPermissions’ iOS app surfaces a list in mere seconds.

And for social networking juggernaut Facebook, it does more than simply providing users with an overview. MyPermissions’s Cleaner will take a step further and analyze which applications you’ve connected to your Facebook profile in the past, and tell you which ones are ‘intrusive’.

In one glance, you can see which apps can post in your name, know your location, have access to your message inbox, chats, your media files, and more. You can remove the apps one by one, or add them to a list of ‘Trusted’ apps, but if you don’t have the patience to do that you can also simply remove all of them with one click of the mouse.

Depending on how many apps you’ve given access in the past, the detection part will take but a few minutes. When we were getting a demo of the service at the lool ventures offices, Adelson connected his Facebook account and found a whopping 58 ‘intrusive’ Facebook apps.

He ‘nuked’ them all in one fell swoop just seconds later.

I did the same, and the tool detected *gasp* 278 apps. In my defense, I have to test a lot of services and Facebook apps for my job. Still, 278 apps with access to my personal information. I nuked them all too.

And you should totally do the same.

In the end, the apps you use on a regular basis that still require you to connect to your Facebook account will quickly become apparent to you, and you can simple reconnect them whenever you want and move on.

Run the tool, and tell me in the comments how many apps it detected for your account, if this surprised you, and if you used the ‘nuke’ button.

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Image credit: Justin Tallis for AFP / Getty Images

Source: The Next Web

Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall from 128K – Mission Highlights – Video

Felix Baumgarnter’s jump made us all hold our breaths, this Red Bull commercial relives the historic feat in just a minute and a half.

GoPro – Hero3: Black Edition – Smaller, Lighter and 2X More Powerful – Stunning Video

GoPro launched its new camera, the Hero3 with this commercial that begins with stunning views of mountains, beaches and cities. Then it builds up with spectacular footage taken by skiiers, surfers and kayakers.

Unlock The 007 In You – You Have 70 Seconds

In an imaginative and hilarious as, Coca-Cola and its brand Coke Zero challenged unsuspecting train passengers to become James Bond for 70 seconds, dodging obstacles and beautiful women to earn free tickets to watch Skyfall.

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