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Social Media Engagement Is A Real Metric – Infographic

Did you know that the average engagement rates for posts made on social media sites range from just 0.01 to 1 percent?

Independent studies I’ve undertaken have confirmed this. In my opinion, if your engagement rates are better than half a percent you’re WAY above average, and around five times as engaged as even the biggest players in the social space.

So is it all a waste of time?

Not at all. Those breadcrumbs add up. If even a small percentage of your audience interacts with each and every one of your posts, over time your impact will reach a very sizeable chunk of your network. The key part is you have to keep pushing, putting one tweet in front of another.

This infographic from Social Bakers takes a closer look at why engagement is a real metric in social media.

Source: Social Bakers, Media Bistro

Newspaper Websites With Paywalls Doubled In A Year – Infographic

Newspaper Websites With Paywalls Doubled in a Year [INFOGRAPHIC].

There are many more major news websites putting up paywalls these days, charging subscription fees to those who had been receiving that content free for years. We wanted to find out how widespread the shift from free to pay is on today’s Internet, and the result is this infographic that illustrates the extent of this phenomenon.

What did we find? Over the past couple of years, major news sites have been jumping on the paywall bandwagon, with more than 300 newspapers now charging for online content. That number has doubled in the past year, and continues its upward momentum.

Given the dire straits of local newspapers, their parent companies needed to supplant their dwindling income with revenue directly from readers. In the old days when paper dominated, newspapers could earn tidy sums selling advertising, particularly classified ads. That business is a mere shadow of its former self today, thanks to online ad juggernauts such as Craigslist and dwindling subscribers to print editions of newspapers.

But isn’t there a problem with traffic loss when a newspaper builds the paywall? As you’ll see in the infographic (presented by bestcollegesonline.org), some papers lost large percentages when switching over to paywalls — upwards of a third of their website traffic. Counterintuitively, others did much better. And, some sites have failed miserably when attempting to charge for their content.

Take a look at this exclusive infographic, and then tell us what you think of paywalls, paying for content, the state of newspapers in the U.S. today, and whether you think this phenomenon will continue on its upward trajectory on a long-term basis. Is the content worth the money?

Source: Mashable.com

Infographic courtesy bestcollegesonline.org

See New York Magazine’s Arresting Sandy Cover [PIC]

See New York Magazine’s Arresting Sandy Cover [PIC].

The city that never sleeps shrouded in darkness: It’s something that was unfathomable to New Yorkers until last week. When Hurricane Sandy hit the U.S. Northeast hard Monday night, many were left without power, food, water and gas. Over the past week, Americans united to provide each other with support, distributing help where it was needed the most. Out of the darkness, people saw hope and neighborly kindness.


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Images of Sandy’s destruction and subsequent tranquility captivated social media users everywhere. Indeed, fake photos and fake news was shared on Twitter.


But New York Magazine‘s cover for this coming Monday, released early on Facebook, trumps all that we’ve seen — and it’s legitimate. Taken Wednesday night by photographer Iwan Baan, it depicts all of Manhattan from the mostly darkened downtown to the oasis of light north of 34th Street. Here’s to those who made it through, and to those who continue to volunteer.

Source: Mashable.com