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Mark Clattenburg Row: Chelsea Players Split On What Ref Said In John Obi Mikel Dispute

Mark Clattenburg row: Chelsea players split on what ref said in John Obi Mikel dispute | The Sun |Sport|Football.

CHELSEA players are divided over whether referee Mark Clattenburg actually aimed a racist remark at John Obi Mikel.

SunSport can reveal some Blues stars are sceptical about the shock allegations and pressure is mounting on the club to physically prove the remarks were made.

Significantly, the club have not yet officially complained to the police about the alleged incident — even though the Society of Black Lawyers has.

Mikel’s team-mates Ramires and David Luiz told the midfielder they heard ref Clattenburg make an ‘inappropriate comment’ during Blues’ 3-2 defeat against Manchester United nine days ago.

They were so furious they asked for Chelsea chief executive Ron Gourlay to go to the dressing room after the game and listen to their version of events.

An insider said: “They were saying the club had to look after them and take action. They said the club had stood by John Terry in his race row with Anton Ferdinand and now it had to do the same for them.

“But the other players weren’t so vocal and wanted a cooling-down period — mainly because they didn’t hear the ref say anything.”

Even if Clattenburg, 37, is proved innocent, it may be many years before he is allowed to officiate at a Chelsea game again.

He is being ‘rested’ again this weekend while the FA investigates and a refs’ insider told SunSport: “There are concerns about the implications of him refereeing a Chelsea match.

“For starters it would place the pre-match handshake under great scrutiny yet again, as all the players are supposed to shake hands with the ref before each game.

“If Mark was put back in charge of a Chelsea match immediately afterwards, the attention would be phenomenal.

“It may even make sense to keep him away from Chelsea for good, which is a shame as he is one of this country’s top three referees — and Chelsea are one of the top three football clubs.”

Clattenburg, who denies allegations made by the Blues, is due to meet the FA and police this week.

Read more: The Sun

Google Decline In China Continues As Its Search Share Falls To 4th Place, Maps To 6th

It’s been more than two and a half years since Google left the Chinese search market, and the market share for its search and maps segments has continued to wane.

Marbridge Daily recently called attention to October search engine numbers from CNZZ that put Google at fourth place with 4.72 percent of page views, down from 5.1 percent the month before. Part of the reason for the slide was the arrival of search newcomer Qihoo 360, which was believed to have capture 9.64 percent of the market last month.

Qihoo launched its search engine in August and quickly jumped into second place. CEO Zhou Yongyi has set his sights on a 15 to 20 percent share of the market, enough to “destroy” Baidu’s monopoly. Baidu isn’t taking this lying down, though, as it has sparred with Qihoo over links to its site. Baidu’s share of visits was estimated at 72.97 percent, down from around 75 percent in September.

Last week, the Chinese government called a meeting representatives from the major search players to have them sign an agreement for fair competition. One specific issue was adherence to the robot.txt protocol that instructs search engines whether to crawl a site. Qihoo has faced accusations that it was copying search results and ignoring the robot.txt file.

Google also suffered a blow to its Google Maps platform in China last quarter. Mobisights reports that the search engine’s mapping service is now in sixth place in the country with just 9 percent share. It saw a steep drop in the third quarter, largely because of Apple’s decision to swap out Google Maps in iOS 6. In China, the iOS Maps application uses Autonavi’s data.

Autonavi ranks first among mapping services in China with an estimated 25.9 percent market share. Baidu is in second with 19.1 percent. In an effort to strengthen its mobile revenue, Baidu is investing heavy resources in improving its Maps product and it has spun off its Location-Based Services division into its own unit.

Image credit: Li Xin / AFP / Getty Images


via Google decline in China continues as its search share falls to 4th place, maps to 6th – The Next Web.

How To Market And Promote Your App – Infographic

Everyone and their mother has an app these days, so if it’s not featured high in the top downloads category via the App Store or Google Play, there’s a good chance it will go unnoticed.

The team at Spanish-based SEO service provider Blue Caribu has put together a helpful infographic which offers some guidance for effectively marketing a new app. Among the tips: Pick a good name, spy on your competitors and push for as many downloads as you can in the first few days after the launch. In addition, you should target journalists in your field, share to social networks and consider paid promotion.

All of this may sound self-explanatory, but all too often app developers don’t take the extra few steps to make sure their new platform has wings. For a full look at how to promote your app and make it stand out in a crowded marketplace, check out the infographic below.

Have any helpful tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Mashable.com

Soccer vs Football, Also Called Football vs Carry-The-Ball – Infographic

Soccer vs Football, also called Football vs Carry-the-ball – Always keep the humor!

Soccer vs. Football

  • 700 million people watched the last World Cup
  • 111 million people watched the last Super Bowl
  • $177 million is the estimated visitor spending at the last World Cup
  • $153 million is the estimated visitor spending at the last Super Bowl
  • The average cost for a 30-second commercial in the U.S. during the last World Cup was $250,000
  • The average cost for a 30-second commercial in the U.S. during the last Super Bowl was $3 million
  • 41 percent of people re-watch the ads
  • The main method of advertising during the World Cup is Kit endorsements
  • XANGO is the first company to sponsor a MLS (Major League Soccer) kit
  • Each team in futbol has 11 players on the field
  • Each team in football has 11 players on the field
  • There are 798 total professional futbol players in the U.S.
  • There are 1,696 total professional football players in the U.S.
  • The size of a futbol, field averages 120 yards long by 80 yards wide
  • The size of a football field is 120 yards long by 53.3 yards wide
  • The average futbol, or soccer, player runs an average of 4.3 miles a match
  • The average defensive back in football can deliver 1,600 pounds of tackling force
  • From start to finish the total time of a futbal match averages 109 minutes, 68 minutes of which is actual game play
  • From start to finish the total time of a football game averages 187 minutes, 11 minutes of which is actual game play
  • There are 2.5 goals scored on average during a futbol match
  • There are 44 points scored on average during a football game
  • Futbol averages 11.5 fouls per match
  • Football averages 8.6 penalties per game
  • Samuel Eto’o Fils is the highest-paid futbol player in the world and makes $28 million per year. He plays for Inter Milan
  • Peyton Manning is the highest-paid football player in the world and makes $23 million per year. He plays for the Indianapolis Colts
  • The average U.S. futbol, or soccer, player makes $100,000 annually
  • The average U.S. football player makes $1.9 million annually

Sources: ESPN.com and MLSsoccer.com

Understanding LinkedIn Insights – Video

Linkedin Company Page Insights let you know Page views, page clicks, and visitor demographics. These analytics will help you understand how page traffic is navigating through your page allowing you to optimize your Company page to capture high caliber talent or promote your products.

Differences In Global Social Media Usage – Infographic

Though the social media revolution has seemingly conquered the world, there is a broad range of global usage from country to country and channels used.

Source: vizthinker, Visual.ly

The Female Entrepreneur Journey – Infographic

The infographic depicts two common paths we women entrepreneurs often take when starting a new business. It’s a bit autobiographical as Path 1 is where I’ve spent a majority of my entrepreneurial career, but I have finally made my way over to Path 2.

Do these paths look familiar to you? Which path are you on? Share with me in the comments below.

There’s also code snippet at the bottom of the graphic if you would like to share this infographic on your own site or social networks. Please do share!

Source: shebuildsabusiness.com

Quick Look: Why You Should Use Video In Your Marketing – Infographic

Why you should use video in your marketing strategy. Build Trust, Search Results, Sharing, and Mobile.

Source: Visual.ly

The World’s Fastest Electric Vehicles – Infographic

Here at Mashable, we’re fans of all things cutting edge, and that most certainly includes the gadgets that get you from A to B. In the world of vehicles, the newest and freshest offerings are all electric.

New products from Tesla Motors, Elon Musk’s Silicon Valley-based electric vehicle company, are always a hit. But Tesla’s not the only company producing super speedy high-tech vehicles; in fact, cars are just the tip of the electric-vehicle iceberg.

Take, for example, the JR-Maglev MLX01, an experimental magnetic levitation train developed in Japan. It uses magnets to move and stay on track, and is capable of topping 360 mph. Meanwhile, France’s Train à Grande Vitesse uses old-fashioned wheels, but also runs on electricity, and has traveled as fast as 357 mph.

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The spiffy looking Tesla Roadster Sport can hit 125 mph, but that doesn’t even place it in the top two of fastest electric cars. A pair of electric motorcycles — the Lawless OCC Rocket Bike and Mission R — would also dust it in a drag race. The Roadster Sport, however, has them all beat on looks.

The infographic below, which comes courtesy of the British website carfinance247.co.uk/, gives us a rundown of all the world’s fastest electric vehicles. Tesla is represented there, along with the aforementioned “superbikes” and high-speed trains, but there are a few funky-looking suprises as well. Check out the full infographic for more; then let us know in the comments: Which futuristic vehicle would you most like to take for a spin?

Source: Mashable.com

You Tube Is The Hottest Tech Brand In Social Media This Week – Infographic

YouTube dethroned Facebook as the hottest tech brand in the social media world last week, according to data aggregator Starcount.

Another tech giant, Google, ranked third; its high placement is due to the many views on its YouTube channel, likely driven by the launch of the new Nexus lineup. Yahoo also had a good week, gaining three positions, thanks to almost 230,000 new Facebook fans.

Windows also benefited from the recent debut of its newest tablet, the Surface, which has received positive reviews.

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Outside of the Top 10, Nintendo showed the biggest improvement, gaining 11 positions up to 39. The company’s rise can be attributed to a video for its new game, Paper Mario: Sticker Stars, which attracted more than 70,000 views in just four days.

For more, check out the chart below. What do you think of these results? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Mashable.com

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