You Tube Is The Hottest Tech Brand In Social Media This Week – Infographic

YouTube dethroned Facebook as the hottest tech brand in the social media world last week, according to data aggregator Starcount.

Another tech giant, Google, ranked third; its high placement is due to the many views on its YouTube channel, likely driven by the launch of the new Nexus lineup. Yahoo also had a good week, gaining three positions, thanks to almost 230,000 new Facebook fans.

Windows also benefited from the recent debut of its newest tablet, the Surface, which has received positive reviews.

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Outside of the Top 10, Nintendo showed the biggest improvement, gaining 11 positions up to 39. The company’s rise can be attributed to a video for its new game, Paper Mario: Sticker Stars, which attracted more than 70,000 views in just four days.

For more, check out the chart below. What do you think of these results? Tell us in the comments.


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