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How The Social Web Is Changing Sales – Infographic

Buyers are more knowledgeable, more connected and busier. Salespeople must evolve and sell value. The writing is on the wall: Be #RELEVANT or #DELETED!

  • No more me, me, me! It’s all about the customer. #SALES Be #RELEVANT or #DELETED [infographic]
  • Rapid emergence of social web changes everything. #SALES Be #RELEVANT or #DELETED [infographic]
  • Price is less of a differentiator (5%) than #SALES experience (79%). Be #RELEVANT [infographic]
  • #SALES reps aren’t prepared for 1st meeting 56% of time. Be #RELEVANT or #DELETED [infographic]
  • Remote #SALES eclipsing f2f. Update your toolkit! Be #RELEVANT or #DELETED [infographic]
  • Your customers want expertise. Package & share useful info. Be #RELEVANT or #DELETED [infographic]

Mobile Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind – Infographic

Mobile Marketing is the future of business. Smartphones and tables are on the rise. A recent study provided clear proofs that mobile users will take more action when reached correctly using the right strategies.

We live in an interconnected world where 4 billion users use a mobile device.

One of the most important factor here is a responsive web design that will give users the same experience they can have on their desktop.

We have compiled an awesome Infographic to represent all the mobile marketing stats in one single document.

Source: Smartmediatips

Picture Of The Week: Have An Awesome Weekend

Have an awesome weekend and always keep the humor!

Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.
Mark Twain

Problems Of Social Media Marketing: Missing ROI – Infographic

Social media isn’t new – but it still offers up challenges to marketers. And the main problem? They can’t figure out how to measure ROI.
This infographic from Awareness Networks explores six key findings from their recent State Of Social Media Marketing survey.

The number one challenge that marketers face on social media is measuring ROI, or return on investment. A full 57 percent of the 469 marketers surveyed say they cannot find appropriate measures to judge how successful their social media campaigns are.

96 percent of those surveyed use social presence – or the sheer number of followers and fans an account has – as their top measurement for success. But they’re not just focusing on the numbers: 78 percent are looking for better customer engagement as their top business objective.

Half of those surveyed would like tighter integration between their social media efforts and the rest of their marketing outposts, such as TV, radio and print. And Twitter dominates 84 percent – just behind Facebook’s 89 percent – of brand usage.

Take a look at the infographic below for more on the top social measurements marketers are looking for, what they feel they need to succeed and more.

Source: Social Media Bistro


Sales Psychology: 10 Ways to Convert Prospects Into Customers – Infographic

When it comes to converting more customers, the secret to more sales is as simple as understanding just what your buyer wants (and expects) from your business.

Source: Visual.ly

How Marketers Use Market Research – Infographic

We asked marketers in 5 countries to tell us how they use consumer insights to help them in their daily jobs. Here is what they told us and what we discovered.

Source: Visual.ly