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The Correlation Between Historic Stock Data And The Sentiment Analysis Of Social Networks – Infographic

Derwent Capital Markets brings you a great infographic here with some great statistical information on the topic of spread betting and twitter sentiment. The infographic shows the correlation between historic stock data and the sentiment analysis of social networks. Proving the correlation between the two gives a good indication for people who wish to take part in spread betting and give them more confidence about certain decisions. They can see that there is a definite correlation between that of sentiment analysis and real life statistics.

Source: Derwent Capital Markets

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Balance Between Work And Life: Time Off – Infographic

How would you like to work somewhere with unlimited vacation days? For most people, that answer is a resounding, “Yes!” If you’re a job seeker, the number of days a company allots its employees can make-or-break your decision to take the job if hired or cause you to look elsewhere if your company lacks sufficient time off. However, employees can’t always find time to take off work, even though we know that a break in the form of a vacation is good for our stress levels.

A recent study conducted by Harris Interactive for Ask.com shows just how important abundant vacation time is to workers, even if they’re not using it: More than a third of people surveyed said unlimited paid time off would encourage them to take or keep a job (34%). Although only 38% of workers surveyed actually take all their paid time off (PTO) days.

Some employees look at paid vacation policies like additional savings in their pocket because they can cash-in those days when they leave the company. However, unlimited PTO has its pluses and minuses. It sounds amazing, but employees say it’s hard to find time to take off. And especially in small teams, employees feel guilty leaving their coworkers with an increased workload when leaving. Employers who support unlimited PTO say it makes their employees feel like adults and requires workers who are the self-managing types.

But whether you support unlimited vacations or not, actually taking time off from work has been shown to decrease stress and increase your happiness, at least temporarily.

Check out this infographic about work-life balance and tell us: How many PTO days will you have taken by the end of this year?

Source: Mashable.com

Avoid The 12 Scams Of Christmas – Infographic

As the holiday shopping season approaches, cybercriminals are readying their scam list and checking it twice. And this year, no platform is off limits.

According to new study conducted by Harris Interactive and McAfee, about 70% of U.S. consumers plan to shop online during the holidays and one in four will shop on a mobile device. This presents a huge opportunity for cybercriminals to lure unsuspecting victims. McAfee has put together an infographic detailing which scams will be most prevalent this holiday season.

From fake e-commerce sites and malicious mobile apps to social media phishing scams and dangerous e-cards, here are the 12 holiday scams on the risk list this year. What are you doing to prepare yourself for holiday cyberattacks? Share in the comments.

Source: Mashable.com

Teenagers And The Digital World – Infographic

90% of America’s teens have used social media and yet they prefer face time to screen time. They also get tired of being wired. Let’s take a look at the how teenagers view their digital lives.

Source: Visual.ly

Twitter 2012, Facts And Figures – Infographic

In the crowded social media world, Twitter became one of the leading platforms for individuals, small and big business. The infographic below gives some insight into facts and figures around the network.

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Current statistics (users, countries, tweets) and timeline of Twitter in the form of an infographic.

Source: Website-Monitoring