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Shopping Mobile On Thanksgiving – Infographic

Don’t be too surprised if you catch one of your relatives shopping on their smartphone during Thanksgiving dinner.

Twenty-eight percent of those who own a smartphone or tablet plan to shop from their mobile devices on Thursday, according to a Harris Interactive survey of more than 2,000 adults on behalf of Digitas. That’s nearly twice the percentage who said they would shop from a mobile device on Thanksgiving in a similar survey conducted last year.

Much of this increase in mobile shopping is being driven by students. Digitas found that nearly 40% of students plan to shop from their phones on Thanksgiving and more than 20% of students said they would actually forego going to a Thanksgiving meal if they knew in advance they couldn’t use their phones.

For these reasons, Digitas has dubbed the day “Mobile Thursday.” While it may frustrate some households who just want to have quality family time, Digitas argues the shift in mobile use on Thanksgiving poses a great opportunity for brands.

“With more consumers shopping on their devices, brands are being provided with more mobile moments to address and create impact — even during a time of turkey, football, and family,” Chia Chen, SVP of Mobile Practice Lead for Digitas, said in a statement.

That said, there are challenges for brands who want to boost holiday sales through mobile devices. Even though more people are planning to shop from their phones on Thanksgiving, the vast majority (76%) still think it’s easier to shop from a computer. If retailers really want to boost mobile commerce, they’ll have to improve the ease of the shopping experience on tablets and smartphones first.

Source: Mashable.com

In Bed With Gadgets: Not Good – Infographic

Does this sound familiar? You’re lying in bed, ostensibly ready for dreamland. But first, you grab your smartphone and set the requisite six alarms (all of them blaring the Star Wars theme). But while you’ve got your phone out, you might as well text your buddy back like you meant to. Plus, now is the perfect time to plow through those 11 games of Gems With Friends that have been on hold. Oh, and there was that sloth video you never got around to watching on YouTube. Then, maybe it’s time for bed. But you should probably throw something on Netflix to help you pass out.

It’s a perfectly normal routine. In fact, 95% of people say they regularly browse the web, text or watch TV in the hour before bed. But all that facetime with a phone, tablet, laptop or TV does more than distract — it can make it harder to go to sleep when you finally close your eyes. That can lead to sleep loss that affects your mental and physical well-being.

Check out this infographic from OnlinePsychologyDegree.net and think it over next time you’re thinking about spooning with Siri.

Source: Mashable.com

Black Friday And Cyber Monday Shopping – Infographic

Over the past five years, Black Friday has evolved from a single day to snag big sales in U.S. stores into a multi-channel discounting period that begins as early as three weeks before the actual date of the event, which kicks off the Friday after Thanksgiving.

In a survey of 500 shoppers, market research firm Lab42 found that nearly a quarter of American adults plan to start shopping before 3 a.m. on Black Friday. Many retailers, including Target, Macy’s and Kohl’s, plan to open their doors at midnight, and online retailers will be posting deals at midnight as well.

Though many will begin early, 42% of those in the survey said they don’t feel the need to rush, because they think the same deals will be available at a later date. Others — around two-thirds — plan to shop Cyber Monday deals as well, so they won’t be running up their full holiday spending budgets on Black Friday.

On average, shoppers plan to spend more money ($900 vs. $854 last season) and start shopping earlier this year than in years past, according to separate survey data from Google.

Additional findings are displayed in the infographic below.

Source: Mashable.com