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Social Media ROI: Brands And Managers Have No Idea – Infographic

5 shocking statistics that show the difficulty that brands and managers have in measuring social media return on investment (ROI).

Source: Visual.ly, AndrewMacarthy.com

Agents Of Social Media: Who Are Hootsuite’s Users – Infographic

After reaching 1 billion messages sent and 4 million users, HootSuite produced an infographic celebrating its user base. HootSuite users are influential, engaged and active across multiple social networks.

See this Secret Agent inspired infographic for info about HootSuite users including: user and team growth, mobile signups, messages sent, HootSuite’s global network, advertising agencies using the dashboard and more

Source: Hootsuite

4 Things Small Businesses Need To Be Successful Online

4 Things That Small Businesses Need To Start Today To Succeed Online

Small businesses have a certain advantage; the owners and top management know their customers very well.  Using this to your advantage can pave ways to succeeding online.  Small business owners need to only focus on 4 things and do them well.

  1. Contacts and Social media
  2. Search
  3. Website and Systems Display, Access & Usability
  4. Communication and Database

1. Contact and Social Media

Social media is a bit of both; there is a sense of excitement because of the opportunities and then there is frustration when social media strategies do not work.

Business owners need to make sure that all of their contacts have been reached out to. Remember friends and family are a great way to start. The target in social media is not to think of likes but how well you can communicate and give human consumable info that your fans and followers can share with their circle.  It’s that next layer of contacts that you want to market to indirectly.

You will need to think of:

a) Is the message useful and to some certain displayed entertainingly?

b) Am I using the branding in the right place and way without shouting marketing slogans?

c) Is this what my current circle and the next circle would be interested from their POV.

2. Search

Google search and the search engines have 1 huge amazing impact: They are like dedicated billboards for the entire population outside of your contact circle. You need to have presence there.

You will have to think in terms of:

a) Re-targeting and converting some of the visits to fans and followers of your page or subscriber to your newsletter

b) Grab attention and lead navigation to deeper pages inside your website and engage them for more page views

3. Website and Systems Display, Access & Usability

Your website, satellite sites like FB page and YouTube channel need to be displayed well. Make sure your website is usable and that people can access them from Mobiles to Desktops.

You will need to think here in terms of:

a) Good and fast navigation

b) Content relevance

c) Page views

d) Conversion for re-target and direct business

e) Grouping similar items together

4. Communications and Database

The final thing on the list but as important as others; you need to be effective in communication.  Internet users love fast and quick language, avoid long, boring and cliché phrases. Instead think of bringing your words and sentences down by cutting words to make simple sense.

You need to think of:

a) Catchy and unique verbiage

b) Target Demographics

c) Lead Generation and Management

d) Marketing messages

Though these items branch out into more tributaries, they cover a good amount of real estate that’s enough to get you and your business into full swing. Although you can focus on some parts more than the others, you cannot however leave out any of them.

Source: Filsupport

Facebook Or Twitter? Support For PR Offices – Infographic

Are you using social media platforms to augment your PR efforts? If not, consider these PR tips for the two most popular social media sites: Facebook and Twitter:

1)      A press release can be tweeted in 140 character snippets on Twitter. Bite-sized segments can entice your audience to click and read more.

2)      Twitter can be so much more than 140 characters. Instead of tweeting a title and a link, Tweet a clever picture with a short description and a link. Twitter’s new redesign makes it easier for your followers to see photos you have published in your stream.

3)      Reporters and other members of the media are using social media to find story ideas. To find their Twitter handles, try a service like MuckRack to see what they’re tweeting and weigh-in on their conversations.

4)      There is a prevalence of fake reviews on sites like Amazon and Yelp!, so consumers are instead turning to Facebook to see what brands their friends recommend – word of mouth on a social media platform is powerful, especially in terms of buying recommendations. Make sure reviews of your brand posted on Facebook are prominently displayed.

5)      Repurpose your press release into an informal blog post with plenty of imagery in order to post it to your Facebook and encourage reads.

6)      Connect with news outlets in your area from your Facebook brand page to get on their radar.

7)      Facebook users have a larger network for more sharing power: 57% of Facebook users have more than 100 friends. If they are in the same niche as your target audience, your posts are more likely to get shared.

8)      74% of people on Facebook use it daily, compared to 35% of those on Twitter – evaluate where your audience is present most and position yourself there.

Press releases, just like any other form of content, need to be promoted socially in order to get maximum visibility and exposure. This got us wondering: Which social channel drives greater brand awareness for businesses? This PRWeb original infographic below explores the topic.

Source: BloggingPRweb.com

16 Interesting Social Media Stats Of 2012 – Infographic

Social media and blogging statistics of 2012 as reported by different news agencies and networks. Especially interesting are the facts about the length of tweets and the number of unanswered wallposts by brands.

Source: Visual.ly