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Elements That Make Internet Ads Perform – Infographic

Internet ads have elements that help them perform well when used in optimized online advertising campaigns. These critical organs make up the anatomy of well-designed banners, emails, and landing pages.

Source: Visual.ly

What Makes A Brand Social – And How? – Infographic

Being social online is fast becoming critical to being a world class brand. Technology alone does not make a brand social. The reality is that internal strategy, planning, cohesiveness and comfort in the digital space must come first if brand sociability is to come at all. Weber Shandwick partnered with Forbes Insights to survey nearly 1,900 senior marketing/communications executives with digital responsibility in 50 countries worldwide to identify what makes brands social — and how.

Source: Visual.ly

The Anatomy Of A Marketing Executive – Infographic

Do you know what it takes to head up a marketing department? This Infographic will tell you how to get there and what to expect

Source: Visual.ly, Pepperdine University

Tips For Twitter Business Accounts – Infographic

Twitter: how to build your following, reputation and customer’s trust with few simple practices.

Source: Visual.ly

Decline of Facebook? – Infographic

What do you think? Is Facebook really on the decline?

Many companies have come before Facebook and many will come after. The best way to guess the future is to look at the past. Erik Qualman has stated “For Facebook, it’s not a question of if they’re going to go away; it’s when they’re going to go away.” Trust is a huge factor and many are concerned with Facebook lack of privacy. So where does that leave Facebook in the coming years with the rise of trusted sites Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Google and Apple? No one can accurately predict when, but here is a history of past internet giants and where they are now.

Source: Visual.ly, SatelliteBroadBandISP.com

How Women Use Pinterest For Holiday Shopping – Infographic

SheSpeaks and Lippe Taylor team up to launch survey of over 3,000 women on buying behavior and holiday shopping trends.

Source: Visual.ly

Holiday Gift Budgets: Men vs. Women And Budgets By Age

We recently asked our users how their gift spending might change this holiday season, and not surprisingly, the state of the economy seems to be having an effect on gift budgets. See how the answers differ by gender and age.

Source: Payscale.com