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Social Media Managers Going Gangnam Style – Infographic


Less than six months after its July 15 release, “Gangnam Style” reached 1 billion views on YouTube and became the platform’s most-watched clip ever in late November. Social media managers for big brands across the world latched onto the Korean electronica dance hit’s international success, infusing their Facebook marketing with their own takes on the song’s video. Intel gained the most Facebook engagement, shows data shared first with Mashable from social media analysis company Unmetric. Intel’s Facebook photo post — featuring a man in an Intel shirt doing the “Gangnam Style” dance in a horse stable — has more than 500,000 Likes, 40,000 shares and 13,000 comments since Sept. 15.

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Facts And Tips To Improve Customer Service – Infographic


Offering an exceptional customer experience can help your company thrive, creating return customers and building lifetime loyalty.

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What’s Your Mobile Development Path? – Infographic


Choosing the right path for mobile app development is a very important decision, and it can involve multiple approaches based on the app and your target audience. To help get a better understanding of the options and benefits of different mobile app dev strategies, we’ve created this helpful infographic that you’re free to view and share.

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The 5 Basic Steps Of Gangnam Style – Infographic


Ok ok, maybe it’s a little bit late to post a graphic about this topic, or maybe not!… The breaking news with Psy and its Gangnam Style is that right now it’s the most viewed video in YouTube hIstory with 845,851,259 -and counting- of views (as of Thursday afternoon) since its publication in July 15. Something like 7 and 10 million times every day. Lets face it, right now, you must have been living under a rock if you haven’t listened at least the word “Gangnam”. But, if against the probabilities, you still don’t know this cheesy dance or in which part of the chorus goes each step, here’s a quick guide to get on fire in the dance floors. Enjoy 🙂 Designed by: Hugo A. Sanchez

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The Power Of The Pank® – Engaging New Digital Influencers – Infographic


PANKs® (Professional Aunts No Kids) are women who have a special bond with a child who is not their own. Weber Shandwick teamed with SavvyAuntie® and KRC Research to survey PANKs and confirmed they are a highly appealing demographic for marketers because of their dynamic influence and digitally-connected lifestyle.

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Humor: Information Of The Day – Male Bats Either Have A Big Brain Or Big B….

Animals Bats ©PictureAlliance_dpa fledermaus

©PictureAlliance/dpa – n-tv.de

Male Bats either have a big brain or big testicles. Both together doesn’t exist. Hm!?