Daily Archives: December 7, 2012

The Noob Guide To Online Marketing – Infographic

Whether you market yourself or a business, this guide is a great cheat sheet to keep on top of the necessary things to do in the digital marketing world. This enormous, and very valuable, infographic organizes a number of basic tactics you could use to start marketing your self or your business online. As you scroll down, you’ll see when to use each tactic and whether or not it should direct users to a landing page. Get going!

Source: Visual.ly


Finding The Right Location For Your Business – Infographic

The right Location can make or break any enterprise, and these days the stakes are high. Big enterprises with large networks don’t have the luxury of making mistakes. But what’s the “Location Equation”?

Source: Visual.ly


The Future Chinese Consumer – Infographic

The Chinese consumer is evolving. Key trends are shaping the consumerlandscape in China, which means consumers will look, feel, and act different from today

Source: Visual.ly


The Mobile Revolution Is Changing Retail And Consumer Behavior – Infographic

The mobile revolution is changing the way retailers display and sell goods as well as where and how they interact with customers. As consumers embrace mobile shopping, their behavior is also fundamentally evolving along with the new technology. In this month’s Visual Trends infographic we take a look at what this mobile revolution means for both customers and retailers and how retailers can prepare.

Source: Visual.ly


Online Video Consumption And Advertising Spending – Infographic

What a pivotal twelve months it has been for online video. 2012 saw record-breaking highs of videos streamed, users watching and advertisers spending. So what will 2013 bring? We’ve collected it all in one place for you: Welcome to the 2012 State of Online Video.

Source: Visual.ly