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Social Media Marketing: Online Engagement Is Hot – Infographic

Online Engagement is hot among marketers. But how intensively do we really use it? And what results do we achieve with it? To find out, the University of Utrecht conducted a study, commissioned by GX Software, consisting of a survey sent to 15,000 marketers in the United States and the Netherlands. The results of this study show that Online Engagement is growing rapidly and that marketers are achieving promising results.
Online Engagement
Listening to each individual customer is the core of Online Engagement. Marketers ‘listen’ online to determine who a customer is, what he or she is looking for, and how involved they are with the brand. All in order to proactively help customers in their search by using targeted, relevant messages across all online channels. The goal is to improve customer satisfaction in the long term and increase conversion ratios in the short term.

Strong growth
The research conclusively shows that Online Engagement is growing rapidly. Although currently only 15% of the respondents indicate to practice Online Engagement, 57% say they are gearing up to get started.

Does it work?
Why Online Engagement? Most marketers use this technique to increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn rate (the number of customers who leave a company). However, Online Engagement also produces short-term results. Marketers report about 30 to 100 more clicks, 60% to 70% more conversion and sometimes even up to 50% more revenue when customized messages are used.

Learn more?
See the infographic below or download the full report on online engagement.

Source: GXSoftware
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The Most Valuable Brands In The World – Infographic

Welcome to our interactive guide to BrandZ, our annual report on the most valuable brands in the world.

Scroll through the brands in the bubble chart using the left and right arrows. Click on a brand ‘bubble’ to view more detail about its historical performance and its relationship to other brands in its sector.

Use the drop downs to filter the charts. You can view the Top 100 brands by year, country or sector – or a combination of all three. So if you want to see which Chinese financial institutions made the Top 100 in 2011, you can change the filters accordingly.

Colour-coding by sector allows you to see that, for instance, technology companies dominated the Top 10 this year, with Apple, Google, IBM and Google among the world’s 10 most valuable brands. Looking more widely at the Top 20, telecomms companies and financial institutions also perform well.

You’ll also see that this year (2012), Apple is the world’s most valuable brand, followed by IBM and Google. Apple was also the most valuable brand last year (2011) although in 2010 Google took the top spot.

Source: Kantar, Millward Brown

Business And Information: Why Your Business Should Work With Information Graphics – Infographic

We live in an information-saturated world. For your business to succeed, you need to capture and hold the attention of customers long enough to get your message across. The big question is how do you get your message noticed, understood and retained? The answer is simple – leverage the superior communication powers of information graphics.

Source: Kapdesign


Business: Chinese Investment In North America – Infographic

Amid the global economic slowdown, 2012 has shaped up to be a healthy year for Chinese investment abroad. But not everyone is welcoming Chinese investment. In North America, state-owned enterprises (SOE), national security, market access reciprocity, and regulatory transparency are all issues to have plagued Chinese deals in recent times. But given China’s investment interest in the region, relative to other countries, are these concerns justified? As a virtual data room provider used to facilitate financial transactions, Firmex takes a great interest in deals and trends in the M&A space. Their latest Infographic takes a closer look at China’s investment abroad, and where they really rank in the North American market. And you might be surprised by the findings.

Source: Firmex, Visual.ly


Business: A Framework To Success – Infographic

State of the Business Owner is a unique research study of over 800 business owners in 47 different countries that uncovers the success factors in small and midsize businesses today. This effort was pioneered by EMyth, a business coaching company, and Synotac, a digital marketing agency.

Source: Visual.ly