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New York City Impressions – Brooklyn, Dumbo

Brooklyn Dumbo 1 download

©TheMainStreetAnalyst.com – New York City, Brooklyn, Dumbo, Manhattan Bridge

Strategies For Successful Mobile App Marketing – Infographic

The holiday season screams opportunity for mobile app marketers. It may indeed be “the most wonderful time of the year,” but it’s also the most competitive time of the year. So, Fiksu teamed with Localytics to help marketers weigh the best strategies for sprucing up their apps for the holidays, cost-efficiently promoting them, and securing large amounts of engaged, loyal users – during the holidays as well as into the first few months of the new year.

Source: Fiksu, Visual.ly


TV Advertsing vs. Online Advertising In The United States – Infographic

Shows all the advantages and disadvantages of online advertising vs TV advertising. Compares total ad spend, usage data for each medium, demographic data, and other interesting information for marketers.

Source: Visual.ly


The Future Of Google’s Android Operating System – Infographic

With over 500 million active devices and another 1.3 million activated every day, Android is a global force to be reckoned with. And this isn’t 2009′s Android. The Android of today is beautiful, fuels a consistent experience across devices, and powers a fleet of devices that buyers are scrambling for. Explore how the new generation of Android – and the new generation of Android users – is changing the mobile landscape.

Source: Mutual Mobile, Visual.ly


Marketing: How To Improve Your Return On Digital Coupons – Infographic

RevTrax Study Pinpoints Top Cities, Regions and Demographics For Digital Coupon Use

Source: Visual.ly


Marketing And Cult-Ism – Infographic

There is a reason people are so susceptible to cults. Take a look at this infographic and find out the marketing aspect to cult-ism.

Source: Christian Degrees, Visual.ly


How Google Spends Its Money – Infographic

Ever since Google was first incorporated in 1998, its meteoric rise has set the standard for other tech companies in the Internet age. Now one of the world’s most innovative companies, Google has a constantly expanding list of software and hardware products, including Android, the world’s most-used smartphone platform. Find out how Google spends its ever-expanding income.

Source: Masters In Finance, Visual.ly