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How Apple Takes Advantage Of Customer Communities – Infographic

There are currently 246 Apple stores in the U.S. throughout 44 states. Within the stores, there are 27,350 retail employees, and 7,700 U.S.-based AppleCare Advisors. But where else do Apple consumers get their answers? In free, member-driven communities, where people can help one another with their various issues. This supports the new wave of social, where members within brand communities serve as their own experts, their own moderators, their own tech support, and enthusiastic evangelists.

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How To Spot A Small Business Fan – Infographic

The “buy local” trend has been gaining momentum all over the U.S. as more and more consumers are beginning to understand its positive effects on them, their community, and the environment. But who in your community is the biggest local biz booster? How do you recognize a small business superfan? Check out the infographic below for the telltale signs of one, and see how they benefit their neighborhood and, ultimately, the country.

Fancy yourself a “superfan” of a local small business? Know someone who embodies all these traits?  Share with us on Facebook and Twitter if these signs remind you of anyone you know.

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Beautiful People: Eva Mendes

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Guide For Mobile Advertisers – Infographic

Mobile search is on the rise. This infographic provides an advertiser’s guide to mobile as well as a breakdown of the top three mobile searches.

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Marketing: Past, Present, Future: Reflect On Your Strategies – Infographic

Are you you happy with your marketing efforts this year?

The holiday season is the perfect time to ask yourself these types of questions. You should take time to reflect on the past, take stock of the present, and start making predictions for the future. This applies as much to your professional life as it does to your personal one.

The pace of marketing evolution has become a runaway train, and it’s all most marketers can do just to hold on. With things moving so fast, it is more important than ever to take a step back and evaluate your progress to make sure your marketing is still on the right track.

To help you take stock of how far you’ve come and the distance you have left to go, we’ve created an infographic illustrating the past, present, and future of the marketing industry. Just as Scrooge was shown visions of these three perspectives in Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” this infographic can help you keep your marketing headed in the right direction. Lets take a look!

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New Strategies For The New Year? Don’t Forget To Look Back – Infographic

It’s the start of a new year, and with the new year come new resolutions and new plans to make 2013 better than 2012. But as you stand resolutely prepared to charge into the new year with your benchmarks and bottom lines, pause a moment and look back at what got you to this point: Last Year’s Data.
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