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ModCloth’s 2012 Online Success – Infographic

ModCloth’s 2012 ends shipping 1.2m orders, now with 1,200 featured designers, holiday requests up 52% – The Next Web.

ModCloth, an online clothing, accessories, and decor retailer, has released some news on its performance over the last year — there has been a lot of activity on its site. It says it ended 2012 with over 1,200 featured designers sharing and selling their designs to consumers. From a mobile standpoint, the company saw its traffic from smartphones at least double, while those coming from tablet devices tripled from those that shopped in 2011.

Started in 2006 by Eric Koger and Susan Gregg Koger, two high school sweethearts, the company is focused on helping to provide customers with a “fun and engaging shopping atmosphere”.  The company currently has three offices in the US: San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh, the latter being its headquarters. There are 370 employees in the company, along with 28 dogs (it is a pet-friendly group) — equating to a 50% growth in company size year over year.

Each day, ModCloth said it adds an average of 40 new items to its website each day.


From a customer service standpoint, it appears that its users appreciate what ModCloth is doing. Just last year, nearly 480,000 minutes were spent on the phone with customers. It received over 6,000 compliments on its service team. Nearly 1.2 million orders were shipped from the company’s fulfillment center in Pittsburgh.

During the holiday season, the company said it saw its holiday requests increase 52% year over year. As more shopping became popular online, ModCloth most likely reaped the benefits of it. When one of its investors, First Round Capital, launched a Cyber Monday shopping site, that also helped to contribute to an increase in holiday buying.

Where exactly did most of the sales come from? ModCloth says that California, New York, and Texas were the top three states.

We spoke with Menlo Ventures’ managing partner Pravin Vazirani recently about what he saw were the e-commerce trends for 2013. Vazirani, an investor in similar services like Poshmark and Fab, tells us that this year, those industry startups that succeed will have a strong mobile and social presence. In ModCloth’s case, from a mobile standpoint, it appears to be moving in the right direction, with more traffic coming from mobile and tablet versus the year prior.


From a social setting, ModCloth certainly has built a following on services like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. The company says that each of its social media presences have grown by at least double digits, with YouTube, Tumblr, and Instagram growing by several hundred percent. Not surprisingly, ModCloth’s Pinterest page has a larger following and has grown over 42,000%.

ModCloth has put together this infographic which summarizes its progress in 2012.

Photo credit: VANO SHLAMOV/AFP/Getty Imageshttps://i2.wp.com/cdn.thenextweb.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2013/01/modcloth_yearinreview_final.png


VideoGraphic: All Apple Devices

Infographic to see the most common apple devices. From iPods to desktops. Pretend to be a support for designing creative materials for such devices. Done by PchStudio & maiz design

Source: PchStudio & maiz design

How Much Do You Spend On Online Marketing And Advertising – Infographic

Earlier in the year, we conducted a survey of website owners and managers to understand their online business. We wanted to learn something about the real issues that online business owners face when making decisions about their online advertising budget. Is social media marketing really free? Is it an important investment? The feedback may surprise you! As much as 35% of website owners are not spending on any marketing or advertising at all.

I have made a few assumptions in deriving this research, and for those academics who want to qualify the number crunching, please write a comment for me, and I’ll see if I can follow up personally. Following is an infographic showing some key results. The survey is still open, so we can take another look later on to compare differences in people’s spending budgets in 2013.

Source: InMotionHosting.com


Infographics: Facts, Trends and Impact – Infographic

How IGs Impact Social Networks?

– The first IG was published in 1626, but has only become truly popular since 2009
– Traditional Posts vs. IG Posts
– Twitter averages
– Traditional = 62 retweets
– IGs = 587 retweets
– Linkedin averages
– Traditional = 7 shares
– IGs = 51 shares
– Stumbleupon
– Traditional = 39 pageviews
– IGs = 330 pageviews
– With the right topic, an IG can reach up to 15 million people

Trends in IGs – According to Google

Google ranks trends from 0-100 giving a number to a keyword based on how often it is searched compared to other keywords
– Keyword “Infographic”
– Peak Ranks per Year:
– 2004: 12
– 2009: 14
– 2010: 28
– 2011: 62
– 2012: 100
– Global Ranks (top 6):
– Philippines: 60
– South Africa: 56
– New Zealand: 50
– Netherlands: 41
– India: 38
– US: 38
– Rank by City (top 6):
– Singapore: 100
– Bangalore: 59
– San Francisco: 58
– Sydney: 39
– Chicago: 36
– Melbourne: 33

View, Like, Comment

Some of the most viewed, liked and commented on infographics in recent history
– What are the Odds?
– How Much Can You Trust a Bearded Man?
– Should I Text Him? – Flowchart with tips for helping to navigate relationships.
– Evolution of the Geek
– Why Startups Fail – Startup Genome project analyzed data and came up with some answers
– The Work We do to Pay Taxes – How much do we work for “the man” on any given day?
– Headache: Everything You Need to Know – Different types of headaches, causes and treatments
– Formal Dining Setting – What you need to know for your fancy dinner party
– We All Want to be Young – The power of today’s youth came directly from those before them
– Kitchen Cheat Sheet – All the interesting info you need when cooking
– Advertising vs. Reality – Fast food items were purchased, taken home and photographed immediately

Topic Trends

Number of IGs per category out of 25,927 IGs (on Visual.ly)
– Animals – 329 (1.3%)
– Business – 3,289 (12.7%)
– Computers – 1,003 (3.9%)
– Economy – 1,885 (7.2%)
– Education – 1,089 (4.2%)
– Entertainment – 1,136 (4.4%)
– Environment – 882 (3.4%)
– Food – 852 (3.3%)
– Gaming – 246 (0.9%)
– Geography – 356 (1.4%)
– Health – 1,752 (6.8%)
– History – 112 (0.4%)
– Home – 205 (0.8%)
– How To – 363 (1.4%)
– Human Rights – 140 (0.5%)
– Humor – 435 (1.7%)
– Lifestyle – 1,470 (5.7%)
– Love & Sex – 331 (1.3%)
– Olympics – 185 (0.7%)
– Other – 911 (3.5%)
– Politics – 1,096 (4.2%)
– Science – 456 (1.8%)
– Social Media – 2,348 (9%)
– Sports – 962 (3.7%)
– Technology – 2,597 (10%)
– Transportation – 795 (3.1%)
– Travel – 566 (2.2%)

Infographic Companies

A Google search shows these 3 at the top of the list for “Best Infographic Companies”
– NowSourcing.com – “We bet you’ve already seen our work”
– Infographics.avalaunchmedia.com – As seen on CNN, NYT and Mashable
– Brafton.com – “Go viral with awesome infographics!”

Source: TopMarketingSchools.net


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