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Facebook: 1.4 Million Less Active Users In U.S. Market

Facebook loses 1.4 million active users in U.S. – MarketWatch. – Image: Shutterstock.com

The social network may be reaching a saturation point

Maybe people got tired of their friends and family over the holidays, or perhaps they resolved to do a digital detox for the New Year. Either way, Facebook has been a bit quieter lately.

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New York City Impressions – NYC, Broadway, Street Party

Wondering Why Corporate America Can’t Monetize On Social Media? – Only 18% Of Top CEOs Are On Social Networks

Mashable.com – Only 18% of Top CEOs Are on Social Networks. Or, How To Improve A Car When You Have Never Seen One? 

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter may be gaining users at a quick pace, but at least one group continues to be hesitant about joining: CEOs. Continue reading

China’s Online Population Rises By 51 Million in 2012

China’s Online Population Rises by 51 Million in 2012.

China has added 51 million new internet users in the last year, the Associated Press reports citing data from the China Internet Network Information Center.Compared to 2011, China’s internet user population rose 10 percent, bringing the total number to 564 million. That’s more than the entire population of Russia and the U.S. combined. Continue reading

Data Breach Review: When, Where, How – Infographic

Verizon’s 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report covering the year 2011 gives a very thorough statistical analysis of the global security state. According to the study, there have been 855 breaches worldwide in 2011, involving more than 174 million compromised records. We’ve looked through the 90+ pages of the report and prepared an easy-to-understand infographic showing the study’s most important statistical data and conclusions, which we hope will be of use to business managers in all industries. Continue reading

Snapshot: Digital Life In Saudi Arabia – Infographic

How open are people to Brands on Social networks?
Do you have a brand that rocks online? Are you targeting Saudi Arabia or Saudians  to sell your product or to offer your service? there are some facts that you might need to be aware of. Saudi Arabia is a great wide market especially when it comes to the online market there. here are some useful info given by Smart Touch to help you know more about Saudi Arabians and how they are dealing with brands online especially through different social networks platforms. Continue reading