Snapshot: Digital Life In Saudi Arabia – Infographic

How open are people to Brands on Social networks?
Do you have a brand that rocks online? Are you targeting Saudi Arabia or Saudians  to sell your product or to offer your service? there are some facts that you might need to be aware of. Saudi Arabia is a great wide market especially when it comes to the online market there. here are some useful info given by Smart Touch to help you know more about Saudi Arabians and how they are dealing with brands online especially through different social networks platforms.

Finding about brands on Social Networks:

50% of people in Saudi Arabia are more open to brands than they are resistant to them.

  • 55% are Males
  • 42% are Females
  • 52% are between the Age of 16 – 24
  • 55% are between the Age of 35 – 44
  • 46% are between the Age of 25 – 34
  • 53% are between the Age of 45 – 65

 People who are buying products Online:

47% are buying products online in Saudi Arabia

  • 51% are Males
  • 39% are females
  • 43% are between the Age of 16 – 24
  • 46% are between the Age of 25 – 34
  • 50% are between the Age of 35 – 44
  • 51% are between the Age of 45 – 65

 Consumer Voice

What are people saying in Saudi Arabia? Who believes what they Say?

People are writing comments to:

Share: 31% Help: 49% Praise: 12% Complain: 9%

Comments credibility in Saudi Arabia

Do people in Saudi Arabia Trust comments written about brands?

Friend’s comments Trust: Yes: 87%  NO: 13%

Strangers Comments Trust: Yes:: 79%  NO: 21%

After reading and viewing this Infographic provided by Smart Touch’s Saudi web designers and researchers you can reach your target audience in Saudi Arabia the easy way, just be a friend of your audiences and use relationship marketing techniques over the various social media platforms that you use and gain their trust, make them share when you have the chance, give them a value and let them help each others. Also remember Saudi Arabia  is a fast growing market, get a market share in there before your competitor does!



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