Top 10 Retailers On Social Media Sites – Infographic

Top 10 Retailers On Social Media Sites. – 175 million. On average, that’s how many tweets were sent, every day, in 2012. The total number of tweets sent since the site launched just seven years ago is in the hundreds of billions. That’s an awful lot of information, 140 characters at a time.

Twitter, of course, is one of many social networking sites that retailers have struggled to figure out in recent years. Facebook has also been a behavior-changer for countless people, and companies are still developing their best practices for how best to use these networks to communicate with their customers and prospects.

Many retailers are using social media to amazing effect, however, and that’s what we’re celebrating with this infographic. It’s particularly fascinating to see how different types of retailers are using different networks based on their business and audience – for instance, the craft retailer Michael’s taking advantage of the visual nature of its product selection on the visually driven Pinterest.

Tell us in the comments … which retailers do you think make the best use of social media, and why?

Source: Retail Customer Experience


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