The Problem With Big Data – Infographic

What IT Teams Want CIOs to Know About Big Data – This infographic displays the problem with “Big Data”. While the term can be found everywhere, it is clear that most are not equipped to handle the “information flow”. From a stand point of business decisions, looking at the top priorities in this infographic, it also appears everybody is doing infrastructure, but no priority projects on how to do people business and sales.

Interesting is also the fact that the top 2 reasons for analytics failure is lack of expertise in connecting dots and lack of business context around data. Where are the times when information was gathered from those closest to the customer or client, sales and service people, to improve offerings and increase business? These days a “data engineer” and other non-business people do their best to analyze data and recommend action over information they don’t understand and can’t connect to the customer and the company’s business.

Text: The Main Street Analyst, Graphic Source:


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