10 Tips For An Outstanding Pinterest Brand Page

10 Tips to an Outstanding Pinterest Brand Page – Salesforce Marketing Cloud. By Mitt Ray

A good brand page is a basic necessity for successfully promoting your business on social media platforms like Pinterest. A good brand page will help build your presence, attract followers, and generate sales and leads.

Here are 10 points that will help you set up an outstanding Pinterest brand page.

1. Profile Image: Upload a good profile image. It should be legible on small screens as well as recognizable from the brand perspective.

2. Business Name: Make your Page name easy to find with a name that’s straightforward, like your business name.

3. About Section: You have 200 characters of free space in the about section. Take advantage of this ample space and mention your company’s name as well as a few popular keywords for SEO. This will improve your Pinterest profile’s search engine visibility for those keywords.

4. Username: Your username appears on your Pinterest URL  ( The username has to be between 3 and 15 characters, shouldn’t contain any special characters, and has to be unique.

5. Verify Website: When you verify your website, the entire URL is displayed making it easily visible. Also, a red check mark appears beside it indicating that the site has been optimized and is safe to visit. This can encourage more people to visit your website, so make sure you verify your Page.

If your URL is the same as your business or username, this can be beneficial for SEO.

6. Link Social Accounts: This can be highly effective in driving traffic from your Pinterest account to those accounts.

It will also make it easy for you to share your pins on Facebook using the Pinterest Facebook App and to Tweet the pins you share to drive traffic to your Pinterest account, helping you get more followers.

You will also have the option to invite your Facebook friends to join you on Pinterest. So if possible, link your Facebook profile to your account along with the Twitter account.

7. Create Several Boards:  Create as many boards as you can on different topics and share those boards. This will encourage people to follow boards that interest them which is a lot easier than getting people to follow an entire page.

8. Add Categories to Your Board: When you pin images to a board, only those who follow you or your board will see the pinned image. But when you add categories to your board, people browsing through those categories will be able to see your board, even if they are not following you.

9. Rearrange Your Boards: Rearrange your boards to keep the most important ones at the top – they’ll be above the fold.

10. Add Board Covers: The boards’ first pins will automatically become the cover. So beautify your boards both together and individually by adding covers that include your most attractive pins.

Work on these tips and set up or update your Pinterest brand page and get it to standout from your competition!

What do you think about the above tips? Did we forget to list any important points? Please leave your comments below.


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