Daily Archives: February 6, 2013


In a great article published last week, Stan Woods of Velocity Partners offered his thoughts on how fast marketing has developed over the past few months, and the new marketing roles this change has created.

Socially Devoted: Brands Improving Response Rates And Times – Infographic

Since we launched Socially Devoted as an industry standard of social media customer care, we have been pleased to see brands making an extra effort to improve their Response Rates and Response Times – especially on Facebook. Continue reading


Super Bowl commercials can be funny or sexy or touching. They advertise everything from soda to beer to cars to laundry detergent. But how often do they feature a woman wearing more than a bikini or a minority as the … Continue reading


Have you ever stopped to think about how the goals for Unified Communications and Social Collaboration are actually quite similar? While it’s true, there are some key differences between the two functions, such as who drives these initiatives within an … Continue reading

Inbound Marketing: What, Why, How – Infographic

Inbound marketing has been added to a lot of people’s vocabulary lately. Why? Because it encompasses what every business needs to survive: real marketing.

Take a glimpse into the what, who, why, when, how, and where of inbound marketing. These basic fundamentals will not only give you insight into this necessary strategy, but it will also give you a starting point for your own online business goals. Continue reading