Money Is Not All, For Some: The Human Side Of Business – Infographic

When it comes to business, most people immediately think of money. Surprise, surprise. This infographic takes a look at the human side of business.




– Good Employers
– 15-25 days of paid vacation
– maternity leave: 5 months of full pay
– Childcare:yes, but tuition applies
– flexible work hours: employees encouraged to work from home and schedule hours around family time
– Extras:
– free meals on campus
– on-site doctor
– unlimited sick days
– 20% time program: encourages employees to use ? of their paid work time volunteering, going to an organized on-campus event or do other activities ‘outside their core duties’
– Good for the Environment:
– energy and efficiency
– 33% total used electricity from renewable sources
– 1.7 MW of solar panels produce 3 millon kWh of clean energy annually at Google’s Mountain View Campus
– spent $1 billion on renewable energy projects
– capable of of providing 500,000 homes with electricity/ year.
– waste and pollution:
– 6 million sq ft of Google’s buildings are LEED certified
– due to shuttle program and electric vehicle charging stations, Google is responsible for removing 40,000,000 vehicle miles from roads per year
– Good for Humanity
– hours: Googlers match their skills to specific nonprofit needs,
– use up to 20 hours of work time across the year to volunteer.
– In 2012, 5,000+ Googlers tackled more than 400 projects around the world
– over 50,000 volunteer hours logged in 2012
– pet project: launched to connect people to volunteer opportunities
– Good for the Money:
– cash, products and services:
– Google gave over $1.11 billion last year in cash, products, and services
– Cash Given:$115,000,000
– match program:
– yes
– money added when “Googlers” volunteer their time or get to work through environmentally-friendly modes of transportation — whether by foot, bike or kayak.
– donated over $50 million to over 12,000 nonprofit organizations through the program


– Good Employers
– 15-20 days of paid vacation
– paid maternity leave: none!
– childcare:five primary care childcare centers for workers
– employees working flexibly: 80%
– Extras
– Every 7 years, employees earn a two month sabbatical
– 14 fitness centers
– with exercise classes and on-site spas that provide haircuts, facials and therapeutic massages.
– Phase back – After maternity leave, new mothers are able to gradually increase their work schedule from 20 hours to 32 hours and back up to 40 hour
– Good for the Environment
– Newsweek Green Score: 59.2
– energy and efficiency:
– nine solar electric installations at Intel locations generating approximately 3.8 million kilowatt hours per year
– named the largest voluntary purchaser of green power by the EPA.
– renewable energy credit purchase exceeds 85% of its estimated electricity use,invested over $100 million in conservation programs since 1998.
– 40 billion gallons of water over this time period – enough to fill more than 60,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools. vwaste not want not: recycles 70% of all waste in all locations
– Good for Humanity
– hours
– employees spent over 1 million hours volunteering in 2012
– and have done so since 2008
– To celebrate Intel’s 40th anniversary in 2008, Intel donated a record 435,000 hours of service to local communities in the Asia Pacific region.
– pet project: The Intel Teach Program has trained teachers in 13 countries in Asia Pacific and benefited more than 2.63 million teachers, with 290,000 trained in 2008.
– Good for the Money
– cash, products and services:
– matching programs:
– Yes – 2 programs
– Intel Community Giving campaigns
– 2009, the U.S. Community Giving Campaign raised more than $12 million
– Intel Foundation funds for the United Way.
– For every 20 volunteer hours logged by employees, the Intel Foundation donates $80 to local schools and non-profit organizations.


– Good Employers
– 20+ days of paid vacation (more for seasoned employees)
– flexible schedules: 60% of its employees use regular flexible schedules; up to 3 days/wk of off-site or work from home time
– childcare: no, but they do provide a day care referral service
– paid maternity leave: 2 weeks, on average
– extras
– converted 40% of its Northfield, IL, headquarters to open-plan seating
– Good for the Environment
– Energy and Efficiency:
– reduced energy usage by 25 percent between 2005 and 2010
– waste and pollution: between 2005 to 2010, Kraft
– reduced water consumption by 15 percent
– eliminated 150 million pounds of packaging material and reduce processing plant waste by 15 percent (all based on 2005 levels).
– reduced plant energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 25 percent, between 2005 and 2010
– Good for Humanity:
– Awards: 2012 Winner of Awards for Excellence in Workplace Volunteer Program
– pet project: 120 disasters responded to since 2004
– Volunteer hour: In 2011, 26,000 volunteers in 72 countries
– Good for the Money:
– cash, products and services:
– In 2011 Kraft donated $100 million to nonprofit organizations around the world.
– $14 million donated in cash and product for disaster relief since 2000
– matching program: no


– Good Employers
– 15 to 20 days of paid vacation
– maternity leave: 6 fully paid weeks off
– birth fathers and adoptive parents receive 2 fully paid weeks of leave, and there’s up to $2,500 in adoption aid per child.
– Offers backup child care? Yes
– flexible work hours offered
– Good for the Environment:
– Newsweek Green Score: 82.9
– Energy and Efficiency:
– At its Zurich lab, water that cools a supercomputer is used to warm nearby buildings.
– pollution and waste: between 1990 and 2011,
– IBM saved 5.8 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity consumption,
– avoided 3.7 million metric tons of CO2 emissions through mobile employee program
– an amount equal to 55 percent of the company’s 1990 global CO2 emissions,
– All of its employees take environmental awareness training sessions
– Good for Humanity
– Awards: Winner of 2011 Awards for Excellence in Workplace Volunteer Program
– Hours: As of June 2011, IBM’s volunteer program logged 12 million hours,
– with more than 186,000 employees and retirees from over 84 countries registered to participate and log their hours
– Good for the Money
– cash, products and services:
– donated $185 million charitable causes in 2009
– $42 million in cash grants
– providing $12 million in community grants worldwide in 2013
– matching grant program
– yes, 2 programs –
– Matching Grants program – matches 100% of employee contribution; matches 50% of retiree contibutions
– In 2010, 5,703 organizations received grants with a value of $14.5 million.
– Community Grants programs
– IBM Community Grants support employees and retirees who volunteer regularly with not-for-profit organizations. In 2011, community organizations received grants with a value of $10 million through IBM Community Grants

Johnson & Johnson

– Good Employers:
– up to 30 days (6 weeks) of vacation per year
– childcare:
– If space permits, employees can bring extended family members to on site child care centers
– open from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
– nurse available for sick children
– available for school holidays or backup care – up to 20 uses annually
– Average weeks of fully paid maternity leave offered 4
– Offers paid paternity leave and paid adoption leave
– flexible work hours: offered
– extras:
– plus up to 40 hours a year of Work, Personal & Family Time Off
– Provides free resiliency training:
– gives employees stress management skills
– In 2009, approximately 15 percent of global workforce participated
– Good for the Environment:
– Newsweek Green Score:: 61.5
– Energy and Efficiency
– the largest fleet of hybrids in the world
– largest solar facility in CA
– More than 5,700 ground-mounted solar panels span six and a half acres.
– provides up to a third of the electrical power needed to run the site
– In 2008, Johnson & Johnson was named the second largest corporate user of on-site solar power in the United States by World Resources Institute.
– pollution and waste:
– achieved a 9 percent absolute reduction in CO2 emissions from 1990 to 2008,
– Good for Humanity
– awards
– hours
– pet project:
– Over the past three years,over 2.9 million units of medicine to 1/2 million U.S. patients.
– Johnson & Johnson has partnered with AmeriCares for more than 25 years,
– AmeriCares has delivered more than $145,000 in Johnson & Johnson products to Sandy victims
– Hygiene kits given to survivors within only days of the storm.
– In the following weeks, deliveries baby care supplies, disinfectants, and glucose meters and test strips for diabetic patients.
– Good for the Money
– cash, products and services:
– $603.3 million in cash and products toward over 700 programs in more than 50 countries in 2010.
– $108 million in cash to organizations in the United States and around the world for corporate and operating companies’ programs and projects.
– $11.3 million allocated through Matching Gifts program;
– Johnson & Johnson double matched employee contributions
– $495.3 million in non-cash contributions.
– Of these, donated $423.2 million in pharmaceutical products to patients without adequate financial resources
– matching: yes
– match contributions between $25 to $1250 for eligible organizations


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  2. Pingback: Money Is Not All, For Some: The Human Side Of Business – Infographic | Philippe TREBAUL on LINKED IN (WORD Press)

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