Daily Archives: February 21, 2013

Life Of A Hashtag – #Blackberry

Interesting information about the hashtag #Blackberry. Continue reading

Seniors And Boomers On The Internet: Marketers, Pay Attention – Infographic

This infographic displays numbers about groups of Internet and social media users that is very often forgotten by businesses and marketers. Internet and social media is not only teenagers and shopping crazy housewives anymore. Have a look. Continue reading

Investment Practices In The Fashion Tech Industry – Infographic

FashionTech is one of the most exciting industries today, but how much is really known about investment practices? This infographic based on Helium Magazine’s FashionTech 2012 Industry Report crunches the data on what FashionTech companies got funding last year. Continue reading

How To Get App Reviews On Top Blogs – Cheat Sheet

Submitting your app to the App store is only the first step. If you want more than 2 downloads a day, you will have to get the word out. Continue reading

Is This The “All-In-One” Marketing Automation Solution? – Act-On Marketing Tools

Is this the solution marketers are waiting for? – Check this corporate video describing the Act-On online marketing automation software. Continue reading