Investing: Should You Still Invest In Tech IPO’s? – Infographic

The economical landscape is changing. It’s always been changing. A couple of decades ago, you could invest almost mindlessly in any technology stock and know you’d evenutally break even. The growth potential was almost a risk to forgo. And because of the unbelievable success of firms like Apple and Microsoft, people have become millions solely from supporting their cause at their first sale of their stock to the public. As a result, investing in technology has become a buzz word of sorts, and investors take for granted that any technology firm, for instance, Facebook, will be their easy way to becoming a millionaire. But do those principles still hold true today? Should we still be so eager to invest in Technology IPOs? Read on if you’re curious.

Check out our Technology IPO Infographic below, and let us know your thoughts! Would you still be the first to drop dollars on the first sale of a Technology stock!? Share it with us in the comments!

Source: Maxwellsystems


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