Daily Archives: February 25, 2013

Klout Scores: Which CEO’s Have The Most Influence Via Twitter – Infographic

Which CEOs have the most influence via their Twitter accounts? Here is the list according to Klout’s dubious scores. Continue reading

Do Your Employees Know About Your Social Business Strategy? – Infographic

75% of employees don’t know your strategy. Address this by defining a social business strategy. And then executing it. Continue reading

Hands On With The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Video

Samsung’s newest tablet is about the same size as an iPad Mini and features multitasking windows and a stylus.

How Twitter Saw The Oscars 2013 – Infographic

Nothing sparks a Twitter storm like well-dressed A-listers at an awards ceremony. Of course staying up for the Oscars here in the UK takes a whole lot of commitment, that’s why here at Silverbean we took the easy route and turned to Twitter. Here is our handy guide to what you missed online and IRL. Continue reading