Interesting Facts About Mobile Advertising – Infographic

With the Mobile World Congress 2013 coming up in a couple of days, we thought it was good time to release a review of main mobile advertising related facts that have occurred since last year’s edition, in one visual & easy-to-read infographic (well, at least, we tried to make it as readable as possible):



Key learnings of this infographic about mobile advertising in 2013

Mobile has been going mainstream, even from publishers perspective: Mobile traffic made up 40% of digital traffic in Sports Channels in Q4 2012 & 32% in News Channels.

Mobile traffic is about to exceed Desktop traffic in 2013.

Publishers running mobile supports (apps/mobile sites) have seen their mobile traffic multiplied by 2,6 in UK, x2,9 in Germany, x4,3 in USA,  x2,7 in France, x4,2 in Brazil…. in average in 2012.

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Which hour of the day are users more likely to access online content from Desktop, Mobile & Tablet ?  

Users are more likely to use their mobile & tablet than their computer earlier in the morning (before 9 am) and later in the evening (after 8PM for mobile // 10PM for Tablet).

Mobile Web or Apps, how do users access mobile content in different countries?

Mobile web: it accounts for 86% of mobile page views of premium publishers in Germany // 56% in Spain // 89% in Poland // 74% in Brazil // 76% in US

Mobile Apps: it accounts for 74% of page views in France // Italy (66%) // UK (66%).

Which devices & OS top mobile web ad impressions?

For the first time, Android accounted for the highest number of mobile web ad impression (50%) in Q4 2012, it increased 17 pointsyear-to-year // iOS decreased 5 points year-to-year to 42%.

Which are the best performing mobile ad units? 

Interactive mobile ad units engaging users such as Bounce /Travel or Video ad units and HTML5 ad units drive the best performances.

About this infographic methodology

This informative study is based on several dozens billion of ad impressions & page views in 2011 & 2012, delivered by leading digital publishers (Web, Mobile Apps & Mobile Sites) in UK, USA, Germany, France, Brazil, Italy, Poland,..

All comparisons were made in a relevant & representative perimeter : all data was taken only among publishers filling the relevant criteria for its purpose ( Publishers using Smart AdServer technology for each analyzed support).

All overtime comparisons were made in a constant perimeter : overtime comparison were made on the same sample of supports (Apps, mobile sites or websites). For instance, the calculation of mobile traffic evolution in each country was done, based on the same perimeter of mobile supports in 2011 & 2012.

Digital traffic share in Sports Channels & News Channels include data from several leading publishers in different countries , using Smart AdServer technology on  Web, Mobile (sites & Apps), Tablet in 2011 & 2012.

Mobile traffic evolution’s data is taken from dozens of supports in each countries using Smart AdServer in 2011 & 2012.

Share of mobile traffic (Apps versus Browser) has been taken from dozens of supports using Smart AdServer in Q4 2012.Share of mobile web ad impression was taken globally (per devices & per OS) in Q 4 2012, same as CTR performances.

This infographic involved several departments in the company,  a special mention to Marine & Céline!

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