The Evolution Of Business Video – Infographic

In the last decade, the use of video in the enterprise has experienced explosive growth.  The internet has fueled this growth, allowing for video to be hosted, archived, and distributed live or on-demand at a fraction of the cost of traditional video methods.

Training for example, used to be done in-person or with the aid of VHS or DVD recordings.  However, the production costs were high, and the physical tape or DVD had to actually be delivered to the viewer’s location.  By contrast, tools such as on-demand webcasting and online video portals now allow trainees to view video content from their own laptop, desktop, or even mobile devices.

Employees can now collaborate on projects from remote locations with much greater ease and efficiency through the use of video conferencing and webcasting tools.  With this all in mind, we thought it would be a fun exercise to develop an infographic highlighting the evolution of business video in the enterprise.



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