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10 Financial Lessons To Learn From Warren Buffet – Infographic

One of the great things about Buffett is that his financial philosophy comes down to common sense and hard work. It’s accessible. It makes sense. And because of that, it’s a philosophy that can be used by just about anyone. So what does Buffet advocate? Continue reading

Family Business Is Big Business – Infographic

In the United States, 90% of businesses are family-owned. These businesses play an important role in the lives of involved family members, so it’s important for organizational issues to be resolved quickly. This infographic outlines how a family business consultant can help these types of organizations run more efficiently. Continue reading

Top 10 Business Fundraising Fails – Infographic

While the traditional business plan may be all but dead, most investors would still self-identify more as financial engineers than software engineers. Therefore, it is crucial for start-ups to be professional with their financials when pitching investors – it shows that they speak the same language, and that they understand the importance of building a sustainable business to go along with their snazzy product. Of all the rookie mistakes we’ve seen in start-up pitch financials, these are the most common. Continue reading

Digital Marketers: Don’t Discount Baby Boomers And Seniors – Infographic

Living in a digital age, Americans are accustomed to rapid advances in technology.  With most toddlers fully capable of working smartphones and tablets, the youngest generations of U.S. children are being raised on advanced technology.  Seemingly without limits, the digital revolution continues to grow exponentially. Continue reading

Social Media Marketing: Investment vs. ROI – Infographic

Social media ROI is difficult to measure. But, this doesn’t mean it cannot be measured. With every business, irrespective of its size getting onto the social media marketing bandwagon, they want to know the kind of returns they are getting from their investment. There is a lot of math involved in calculating ROI but when it comes to social media there is yet another element added to this mix and that is emotion. Continue reading

Penguin Racks Up 1600 Points Playing iPad App

On today’s “Weird Wall Street,” Bloomberg News discusses bizarre stories in business. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Cantor Fitzgerald: Buy eBay On The Dip

On today’s “The Next Big Trade,” Cantor Fitzgerald Internet Analyst Youssef Squali discusses his trade for eBay. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)