How To Operate On LinkedIn – Infographic

LinkedIn isn’t a place for chatting about the weather; it’s a place to do business. Think of it as a cocktail party for a giant business conference where every room is a different targeted niche to interact and build relationships with.



2 responses to “How To Operate On LinkedIn – Infographic

  1. I wonder a bit about this. The infographic seems to apply the lessons from the other SM platforms and say do the same stuff on LI. My experience of LI is that the frequency of interaction on LI is dramatically different; so I am not sure the same engagement strategies work.

    • Well, LI should be different because it is supposed to be a more professional platform. Is it really? I see the same article posted 800 times by some automated system. Really? There is not much difference to FB. Yeah, it is not the same cat, but the same article about FB Home. Seems people take the “advice”. I wouldn’t like it to look for “qualified” people on LinkedIn, based on posting and interaction.

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