Mobile: What, Why, How – Mobile Day-To-Day Search

With mobile devices becoming a mainstay in people’s lives, we wanted to gather some insight into how people use their devices to conduct their day-to-day searches. So we partnered with SurveyMonkey for a study to give us actionable insight into mobile search patterns.

Source: iAcquire

So put down your phone and check out what we discovered.

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How effective are mobile searches?

Extremely effective (if you care about conversions, that is). 70% of mobile searches lead to action on websites within one hour. People are constantly seeking information, so it is vital that a site is optimized to be viewed on mobile devices. And this also suggest mobile searchers are more motivated than their desktop/laptop counterparts.

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How do people search on mobile devices?

Tablets are becoming more popular than desktop computers, so it’s not surprising that 40% of people conduct searches on their tablet, vs. the 60% of people who use their phone to conduct their searches. With tablets varying in size, sites have to ensure they are not missing out on an important segment of their audience because their site is not optimized to cater to mobile visitors. Which brings me to the next point:

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40% of people will choose another result if it is not mobile friendly.

People know they have multiple options at their fingertips, so they are more inclined to leave a site that can’t provide them a seamless user experience while they are on their mobile device.

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What do people do while searching on mobile?

People are multi tasking more because of the ease and accessibility of having the internet on their mobile device. 40% of searches are conducted while users are watching television. And one third of these users have tweeted about television in 2012. These insights are valuable because they highlight how engaged users have become, taking their television experience and sharing it online. This trend is more relevant among young demographics, leading to my next point:

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45% of users 18-29 use mobile search daily.

This shows that young adults are more engaged than their older counterparts, who are more reliant on traditional web mediums.

In fact, 45% of people who share links primarily via email (i.e. older people) never use mobile search.

The importance of mobile search continues to grow as the tablets and mobile devices gain more traction within the market, and younger, tech-savvy consumers become more prominent.

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