Daily Archives: April 7, 2013

Worst Social Media Advice You Can Get – Part 1

You need to be on every single social network.

Especially if you have limited time and resources, don’t spread yourself too thin by trying to maintain an active presence on every single social media site. Research and learn about the makeup of the audience that populates each social network so you can figure out where you should focus. If your audience isn’t there, don’t waste your time. Continue reading

Tips And Hints For Better Blog Performance

So you want your business blog to perform better. What do you do? Uhh …

Blog harder?

Well yes, you could set to your keyboard and type away ’til your fingers bleed, or you could think of ways to get more out of your blog without just increasing content volume. After all, you only have so many hours in the day, and writing isn’t exactly a quick task. So if you’re looking to take it to the next level, here’s what you should be doing with your business blog to get even more out of that seriously valuable asset. Continue reading

The Multi-Screen Integrated Customer Experience – Infographic

Always-on consumers expect website experiences that meet their needs regardless of the devices they’re using. If your website doesn’t do just that, visitors will go to competitors that offer better experiences on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Continue reading

Measuring The Value Of Promotional Marketing – Infographic

Attention, attention, read all about it! Promotional marketing is going to new heights with advertising products.  It’s no longer the 1900s when newspaper boys shouted headlines from the street corners.  Marketing strategies have changed since then by incorporating other advertising platforms.  Stop the presses and reevaluate the marketing strategy for your business to get the most out of your advertising budget.  Not everyone has the means to pay $100 million for a celebrity endorsement or $3.8 million for a commercial to air during the Super Bowl.   Continue reading

What Makes A Great Leader? – Infographic

A list of some of the world’s greatest leaders and a look into what makes a great leader in the eyes of Corporate Coach Group. Continue reading

The Problems With Strategic Planning (Some Of Them)

Hannibal Smith, the fearless leader of the A-team, always loved it when a plan came together and on that campy ’80′s TV show, they always seemed to, no matter how intricate and contrived. It seems quaint now. In the real world, things rarely happen as we imagine they will.

As Mike Tyson, another icon from the ’80′s liked to say, everybody’s got a plan until they get hit and, like it or not, we all get hit, usually sooner rather than later. When that happens, as it inevitably always does, even our best laid plans go awry. Continue reading