The Road to Success Using Social Media – Infographic

When you think of social media your mind is immediately directed towards friends sharing photographs, updating their status so family know what they are up to and finding friends they haven’t seen in years.

Social media is so much more than this and the interesting fact that many people need to be aware of is how this medium is changing the recruitment process for so many companies across the world. Anyone applying for a new job these days needs to ensure that their social media page isn’t a bad reflection on who they are.

Take a look at this infographic which shows us why we need to be incorporating social media in our marketing efforts:

Source: RedGiantDesign


Did you know a large number of companies will search your name on social media platforms after receiving your application? This is before they even consider calling you to discuss the position. If your social media page has revealing photographs, poor language and communication or your information doesn’t correlate to the CV you have submitted, you won’t even be considered for the job.

It has been proven that over sixty percent of companies have rejected an application based on what they have found on a social media site.

This is why when using social media whether it’s a private account and you’re only using it to stay updated with family and friends, it’s imperative that you remove any unwanted photographs, especially those that don’t show you in a good light. You must always communicate effectively and most important, don’t speak poorly of your previous employer on your status. All these things can leave you being rejected by a company before they even start the interview process.

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