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New York City Impressions – Chrysler Building

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New York City Impressions By ©The Main Street Analyst. Picture taken with iPhone 4S and edited with Flickr and Instagram filters. See more pictures here.

CRM Failures – 70% Of European Businesses Have Failing CRMs – Infographic

70% of businesses have failing CRMs. Take a look at some of the key factors behind CRM failings and find out how to avoid being part of this statistic. Continue reading

What Women Want When Shopping For Apparel & Shoes – Infographic

Swirl’s independent study of 1,000 women shoppers, titled “What Women Want When Apparel Shopping,” found that retailers should focus their mobile strategies more on enhancing the in-store shopping experience – where 76 percent of women prefer to shop – than enabling online sales transactions on mobile phones. The study also revealed that women are willing to share personal information with retailers as long as they receive value in return. Continue reading

B2B Brands Leveraging Content Marketing – Infographic

With 91% of B2B companies doing it, content marketing has quickly become one of the most popular mediums for marketers. Uberflip’s latest infographic, The State of B2B Content Marketing, explores how B2B brands are leveraging these tactics, including common objectives, promotion tools, metrics and reported results. Continue reading

New York City Impressions – From Brooklyn Bridge Park

NYC BBP View 3968280aa1dd11e2beb322000aaa0754_7

New York City Impressions By ©The Main Street Analyst. Photo taken from Brooklyn Bridge Park with iPhone 4S and edited with Instagram filters. See more pictures here.

Pin4Ever Pinterest Account Backup Service – Infographic

Pin4Ever is a backup service for Pinterest social media accounts, and we have saved 8 million pins for our customers from September 2012 to April 2013. Pin4Ever makes it easy to download and save a copy of all your pins, likes and boards on your own computer. Continue reading

Comparing Credit Unions and Banks – Infographic

Though it may seem as if credit unions and banks are basically the same, they’re actually quite different. Banks are focused on earning profits for their shareholders, and they do so by investing their customers’ deposits and charging high fees. Credit unions, on the other hand, are owned by their members. When you deposit money into your credit union account, you’re actually buying shares of that institution. Continue reading

50,000 Verified Twitter Accounts – Infographic

Since celebrities discovered Twitter, many fake and parody accounts were created. When baseball manager Tony La Russa threatened to sue Twitter over one of these fake accounts, they decided to verify some accounts with the well known tick mark. The first verifications in 2009 were only for celebrity accounts, but when Twitter discovered that the verified status was very wanted, they made the verification also available for their commercial partners. Continue reading

New York City Impressions – Downtown Skyline

NYC Skyline Park Bridge 3153583aa82511e2ab3b22000a9f14cb_7

New York City Impressions By ©The Main Street Analyst – Picture taken from Brooklyn Heights with an iPhone 4S and edited with filters. See more pictures here

Google+: Reasons Why You Should Use It For Your Social Media – Infographic

Are you still looking for reasons to use Google+ for all your social networking requirements? This infographic highlights reasons why Google+ is valuable and how it will get you to make the jump. Continue reading

Can Kred Help You In Your Social Media Campaign? – Infographic

Social Media Marketing is an integral part of all Marketing campaigns.There is no more a question if Social Media Marketing is required. But any effort without metrics does not sustain for a long time. Hence various metrics are emerging in Social Media world to help us understand Social Media Influence and outreach. KRED is one of most important ones out there. This infographic explains Kred and how it works. Continue reading