Daily Archives: April 20, 2013

The Week Ahead: AAPL, COH and GDP

In a week filled with earnings, Apple’s report will dominate headlines. TheStreet’s Lindsey Bell and Andrew Krill discuss that and what else they have their eyes on.

The Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street – April

Corruption at Corrections Corp., Carnival’s bruises and a 5 Dumbest shout-out to Boston are among Gregg Greenberg’s standouts this week.

Twitter Music Makes Songs Social

The new Twitter Music app for iPhone helps you discover music by scanning tweets for music mentions, then displays trending and emerging artists in a beautiful interface.

New York City Impressions – The Flatiron

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New York City Impressions By ©The Main Street Analyst. Flatiron, Photo taken with iPhone 4S and edited with Doodle and Instagram filters. To see more pics, please go here.

Executive Twist: Inside The Mind Of A CEO – Infographic

It takes a different sort of mind to run a major company successfully. Sometimes it’s genius that sets apart the business elite-but sometimes it just may be madness. We take a look at the studies and profiles that show what make these leaders tick-and why that ticking sound may just be a psychopathic time bomb. Continue reading

The Power Of Performance Martketing – Infographic

Performance Marketing is growing at an annual rate of 17% and can provide measurable ROI. Taking all of this into consideration we have seen an alarming number of enterprise brands not participating so we put this infographic together to educate CMO’s on why they need to participate in Performance Marketing. Continue reading

Facebook’s Privacy Policy Change – Infographic

Our lives are on display, and we only have ourselves to blame…and Facebook. Just like any typical love affair, our relationship with Facebook went through the honeymoon period, but has since grown stale. Now, Facebook has taken on the role of a needy lover, always asking how we’re feeling, what we like, who we’re with, and why we don’t share as much with them anymore. But what’s worse, is that Facebook’s been sharing this information with the public. Continue reading