Facebook’s Privacy Policy Change – Infographic

Our lives are on display, and we only have ourselves to blame…and Facebook. Just like any typical love affair, our relationship with Facebook went through the honeymoon period, but has since grown stale. Now, Facebook has taken on the role of a needy lover, always asking how we’re feeling, what we like, who we’re with, and why we don’t share as much with them anymore. But what’s worse, is that Facebook’s been sharing this information with the public.

But stop me if you’ve heard this before, Facebook is changing it’s privacy policies. And it has come as a result of their newest feature, Graph Search, as the company is eliminating the ability for people to hide themselves from the new search engine, a control that until today, has always been listed in their privacy policy. This isn’t the first time Facebook’s caused uproar over it’s privacy changes. From posting students’ photos without consent, to the many versions of stalkership that exist on the world’s most popular social network, our infographic reviews every breach of privacy since Facebook’s inception!

This lack of respect to their community has caused 61% of users to distrust Facebook. Would you quit over Privacy Concerns?

Guide to Quitting Facebook:
If you’re looking for a way out you can quit Facebook entirely by going to: http://www.facebook.com/help/delete_account
Click “Delete Account” and you’ll be asked to enter your password.

You can then download a copy of all your photos, posts, and messages before leaving from the Account Settings Page. And you’ll have 14 days to change your mind before your account is permanently deleted.

If you’re not entirely ready to break up with Facebook, you can temporarily deactivate your account. You’ll be able to return at any time, with all things intact. The act will merely disable your profile, making it impossible for others to reference.

Source: WebPageFX


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