Daily Archives: April 21, 2013

Best Practices for Lead Nurturing – Infographic

Marketers, the Internet might not be your friend after all. It’s changed the way that consumers shop for products, which means that when they first convert into leads they’re a lot less sales-ready than they used to be. Continue reading

How To Manage Your Social Media Marketing Campaign – Infographic

Social Media is an integral component to any successful company’s marketing plan. By interacting on social networks, companies can engage with their current and prospective clients, thus creating personable relationships. Although social media seems simple at first, it is very easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of all of the details. This includes when and where to post content, how often to post, and what is appropriate to post on each social network. Continue reading

41 Ways To Boost Visibility And Viral On Social Media Apps – Infographic

The map displays the context in which most SMOs will use these apps. This isn’t a guide to social media strategy, but more of a visual way to hone in an applications that will suit your optimization task. Continue reading

New York City Impressions – Union Square, Empire State Building

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New York City Impressions By ©The Main Street Analyst. Photo taken with an iPhone 4S and edited with BeFunky and Instagram filters. To see more pictures, go here.