Social Media Scoring And Monitoring: Buzz Equity – Infographic

Do you have Kred with your peers?  How much Klout do you have within your company?  Any idea how much Buzz your insights generate?  Feeling a little Topsy after a long day of marketing?
OK, that last one was a stretch, but I bet you’re already thinking about the fast-developing world of social scoring and social media monitoring tools.  These tools and apps—among them Kred, Klout, Buzz Equity and Topsy—attempt to measure the influence of individuals and brands online and in the social media universe.  They do everything from counting to followers to analyzing sentiment and, using a host of factors and algorithms, generate some indication or measurement of influence across numerous platforms and mediums.  A colleague of mine wrote a piece profiling several social scoring and social media monitoring programs a few weeks ago that is worth reading if you’re in the market for such a program, for either personal or corporate use.

Additionally, the folks at the SinoTech Group have created an infographic that you might want to check out if you’re at all interested in social scoring tools.  I’ve embedded the infographic below and as you can see, it details the finer points of their social scoring program, Buzz Equity.  They’ve also translated the infographic into Chinese for those of you can read Simplified Chinese characters.

Source: DM


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