The Human Media Movement – Infographic

In 2012, Sarah Hill, Emmy award-winning anchor and Digital Storyteller, introduced the concept of Human Media — pertaining to how users interact face-to-face online — and expressed how this new layer of social media will change the landscape of online interaction.

Human Media goes beyond text-based social media posts by utilizing face-to-face communication available through Google+ Hangouts. Essentially, users can chat with a real person, not an avatar, seeing facial expressions, following body gestures and eye movements that can only be seen in real-time.

This new form of social media is leading the way for innovative practices including solutions for terminally ill veterans who have yet to see national memorials, job hunters miles from home and telling inspiring stories of veterans and their families that would have never been heard otherwise.

For more information on Human Media and recent uses, see the infographic below.

Source: Veterans United


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