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Tweets Of The Day – Friday, May 31st

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Content Marketing Can Drive Sales – Infographic

Content Marketing is the top go-to market priority in 2013. In 2013, what is your top external social strategy objective? Continue reading

New York City Impressions – Wall Painting, Chelsea

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New York City Impressions | Wall Painting in Chelsea | Picture taken with iPhone 4S and edited with Instagram filters. For more NYC photos click here

Beyonce’s Bankability Sparks a Brand War

75 million records sold. 17 Grammys. 4 world tours. No wonder companies like Gucci, H&M and Pepsi are lining up to capitalize on the brand that is Beyonce. Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde has more. (Source: Bloomberg)

Bank Of America Small Business Report – Infographic

Bank of America’s Small Business Owner Report is a semi-annual study exploring the concerns, aspirations and perspectives of small business owners across the country. The spring 2013 Report surveyed a national representative sample of 1,000 small business owners in the United States with annual revenue between $100,000 and $4,999,999 and employing between 2 and 99 employees. Continue reading

The Content Lifecycle – Infographic

The journey content takes online, from concepting to writing to publishing. Continue reading

Content Diversity In Online Marketing – Infographic

Online marketing is changing the ground rules in business. What worked today will not, tomorrow. As new channels and forms of online marketing emerge, what should content marketers focus on? Continue reading

Essentials Of Press Releases: Dos And Don’ts – Infographic

Drafting a well-written and attention-grabbing press release doesn’t require a Public Relations degree. However, finding concrete news worth touting and learning the ins and outs of press release etiquette is essential for showing off your credibility and attracting the attention of busy journalists. Continue reading

Local Consumers: The Digital Path To Purchase – Infographic

Mapping the digital path local consumer’s take before making a final purchase. Continue reading

Humor And Marketing: The Game Of Marketing – Infographic

Working in marketing can feel a bit like a board game sometimes. Every time you think you are moving forward something takes you by surprise and bites you, bringing you back down to earth with a bump. Continue reading

The World Of Start-Ups – Infographic

A look at some of the best countries around the world where it is the easiest to start a new business. Continue reading

E-Business: Increasing Web Traffic And Getting Conversations – Infographic

This is an infographic about increasing web traffic and getting conversions. The success of a business should not only rely on having a good product, a website and the use of e-business tools. Continue reading

Entertainment Goes Global – Infographic

Edelman’s Global Entertainment Study highlights the importance and prevalence of entertainment in people’s daily lives, and how technology has enabled its consumption and sharing on a global basis. Continue reading

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Mini: A Summer Preview

Bloomberg Businessweek’s Sam Grobart reports on upcoming smartphones from Samsung on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)