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New York City Impressions – Chrysler Building In Orange

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New York City Impressions – Chrysler Building in Orange. Photo taken with iPhone 4 S and edited with BeFunky and Instagram filters. For more photos please visit Instagram

Digital Marketing: Automation in the Age of Personalization – Infographic

As marketers become more and more digitally savvy, it’s becoming clear that consumers have raised their expectations of marketing campaigns.

In exchange for personal information, purchase history, and the countless other datapoints driving the big data trend, customers expect timely, relevant, and valuable marketing, not just the broadcasted campaigns of the past. Continue reading

Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends for 2013 – Infographic

“Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends for 2013”, our latest infographic, provides a comprehensive analysis of tools and technologies that will define the digital marketing landscape this year. It traces the impact of the digital revolution on consumer behavior and highlights key trends that marketers need to focus on in 2013. It provides insights on optimally utilizing various elements of a digital marketing strategy like mobile marketing, social media, content marketing and author rank, to offer greater reach, better relevancy and higher customer engagement. Continue reading

Media Forced Into On-Demand World – What’s Next?

Max Logo Thumb 100 8625130397_dc524b1105_tBloomberg Businesseweek senior tech correspondent Sam Grobart and Bonnie Fuller, Editor-In-Chief at Hollywoodlife.com, examine the rapidly changing digital media landscape and what new developments may be coming next. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Apple’s Cook Faces Global Headwinds on iPhones

In today’s “Movers & Shakers,” Bloomberg’s Betty Liu reports that Apple CEO is facing resistance from potential wireless partners around the globe, which could impact iPhone sales. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Inside Look At Brand Advertising On You Tube

Max Logo Thumb 100 8625130397_dc524b1105_tThese days, more and more brands are incorporating YouTube into their online advertising and marketing strategies. But if you’re new to advertising on YouTube, it can be tough figuring out how it works and where to get started. We spoke with Michael Lanz, Industry Director, Social & Information at Google, and Jane Barrett, Director of Marketing and Communications at Zoosk, to glean some insight into the benefits of brand advertising on YouTube, as well as some tips on how to get started. Continue reading

Worst Social Media Advice You Can Get – Part 6

Send an auto DM to all your new followers.

Whether you want to thank them, tell them to visit your website, or anything else, please please please don’t send an auto direct message (DM) to every new follower you get. Auto DMs are incredibly impersonal and perceived as spam by most. Sending auto DMs not only seems inconsiderate, but it also makes you look like a complete newbie who doesn’t understand social media etiquette. Continue reading

Marketing And Advertsing: The Rise Of Coupons – Infographic

Are you crazy about couponing? You’re not alone! Believe it or not, 80.6% of consumers use coupons on a regular basis.

Yes, it’s true that coupon mania has been on the rise over the last few years; even more so after TLC’s hit reality series, “Extreme Couponing,” aired in 2010. Though pretty apparent by the title, the show chronicles – you guessed it! – extreme shoppers and their coupon-consumed lives. Continue reading

Low Cost SEO Is Not Enough Anymore – Infographic

The ultimate purpose of a Google search algorithm update is to improve the user’s experience. Google makes over 500 search algorithm changes per year. Its most recent algorithm, Penguin is aiming to decrease search engine ranking of websites that violate Google’s webmaster guidelines by using black-hat SEO techniques. Continue reading