Low Cost SEO Is Not Enough Anymore – Infographic

The ultimate purpose of a Google search algorithm update is to improve the user’s experience. Google makes over 500 search algorithm changes per year. Its most recent algorithm, Penguin is aiming to decrease search engine ranking of websites that violate Google’s webmaster guidelines by using black-hat SEO techniques.

Penguin focusses on offsite quality, striving to reduce credit when achieved via inbound links from suspect sources. Thus the age of low quality link building is coming to an end, no matter how many links you buy or how much you pay. Link building should therefore be focused on quality over quantity.

If you want to do SEO, you have to do it smarter. Only SEO done the right way will save you money over the long haul. An investment in SEO represents an investment in strategy, technology, know-how and versatility beyond that of your competitors. Connecting with user intentions, reinforcing brand value, and providing great content is a war that requires soldiers, not drones.

Source: Visual.ly, BluePoloInteractive


2 responses to “Low Cost SEO Is Not Enough Anymore – Infographic

  1. It’s good news, though. I’d rather say that “nonsense” bulk SEO is not successful anymore. It’s good to focus on quality contents and build genuine networks.

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