Marketing And Advertsing: The Rise Of Coupons – Infographic

Are you crazy about couponing? You’re not alone! Believe it or not, 80.6% of consumers use coupons on a regular basis.

Yes, it’s true that coupon mania has been on the rise over the last few years; even more so after TLC’s hit reality series, “Extreme Couponing,” aired in 2010. Though pretty apparent by the title, the show chronicles – you guessed it! – extreme shoppers and their coupon-consumed lives.

While it makes for good television, couponing has long been prevalent before the emergence of reality TV. The first known coupon surfaced in 1887 by the Coca-Cola Company as part of their marketing strategies. Coupons were mailed to residential addresses and placed sporadically throughout magazines. Voila! Cue the world of coupons as we now know it!

The coupon distribution is currently at an all-time high. In 2012 alone, more than 274 billion coupons had a face value of $419 billion in savings.

Interested in more statistics? Below you can check out some cool, couponing facts that have been taken from’s latest, coupon-driven infographic!

In 2012, pre-Super Bowl papers had the most insert coupons: an average of 134 pages worth!
The average insert coupon value in 2012 was $1.53.
On average, coupons for grocery items take up three-quarters of insert pages!
In 2012, Walmart was the top advertiser of coupon inserts, followed by Walgreens and Target.
There were coupons issued for 348 new products in 2012.
Of the ‘Top Coupon Categories’ in 2012, “Personal Care Products” were #1.
Of the ‘Top Coupon Categories’ in 2012, “Yogurt” was #2.
Of the ‘Top Coupon Categories’ in 2012, “Salty Snacks” were # 3.
Of the ‘Top Coupon Categories’ in 2012, “Portable Snacks” were #4.
In recent years, coupon usage has increased by 14.3%.
91% of surveyed consumers plan a shopping list with coupons before shopping.
27% of distributed coupons allow consumers to make multiple purchases.
On average, coupons expire within 9.9 weeks from distribution.
Digital-coupon distribution have increased with 11% more printable and paperless offers.
64% of consumers regularly search the Internet for coupon savings.
88.2 million consumers used online coupons in 2011.
92.5 million adult Internet users used online coupons in 2012.
96.8 million adult Internet users are expected to use online coupons in 2013.
Every hour spent couponing is worth an estimated $100 in savings.
74% of consumers search multiple coupon sources each week.
25% of consumers spend up to an hour shopping for the best online discount deals.
Moms are twice as likely to search for online coupons than any other category of women.
52% of coupon users spend more than 15 minutes per week searching for coupons.
25% of coupon users spend between 30 minutes and 60 minutes searching for coupons per week.
Consumers saved $4.6 billion in coupons in 2011.
Consumers saved $3.7 billion in coupons in 2010.
42% of all smartphone/tablet users used a mobile coupon.
Mobile coupons are redeemed 10x more often than traditional coupons.
32% of grocery shoppers use online digital coupons.

The average redemption growth for coupon distribution?

Internet – 263%
Direct Mail – 69%
Magazine Pop-up – 51%
Instant Redeemable – 48%
Electronic Checkout – 39%
Free-standing Insert – 36%
Digital Promotions – 31%
Shelf Pad – 30%
In-Store Advertising – 27%

Source: Couponing Chic


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