How To Use Twitter Lists – Infographic

We’ve already explained how to create and edit Twitter lists, as well as suggested a few tools to make doing that easier. But we have yet to go into much detail on the most important part of Twitter lists: how you use them.

You could use the handiest tool out there to create a Twitter list of everyone you follow, but that isn’t the best use. The stream for that list would be exactly the same as your timeline on the homepage. The effectiveness of a list depends on how you use it.

Instead of just explaining how our company uses Twitter lists, we wanted to be able to suggest uses that go beyond our own needs, so that you can find ideas that will really help you.

So we turned to a few people that use social media professionally, day in and day out, since it’s their job to know how to use Twitter lists effectively.


As usual, we want to provide you with tweetable summaries of the information in this infographic. We figured it’s more appropriate than ever for this one!

Ways to use Twitter lists:

  • Use Twitter lists to allow conference attendees to connect before the event. -Nicole Denton (Tweet this)
  • Create lists of people with something in common so they can connect about that topic. -Lauren Hard (Tweet this)
  • Create a Twitter list to keep up with important media outlets for your industry. -Alison Kenney (Tweet this)
  • Use Twitter lists to organize, keep up with, and help your own customers. -Taylor Aldredge (Tweet this)
  • Keep track of who interacts with you and shares your content using a Twitter list. -Will Mitchell (Tweet this)
  • Create a list of people who tweet each other to make following their convos easier. -Mark Sutherland (Tweet this)
  • Use Twitter lists to organize your network based on what they tweet about. -Janet Barclay (Tweet this)
  • Create a list of important journalists in your industry so you don’t miss any updates. -Mike Essex (Tweet this)
  • Use Twitter lists to monitor your company’s competitors to keep up with their strategies. -Shawna Tregunna (Tweet this)
  • Create Twitter lists to keep track of participants in your favorite Twitter chats. -Brittany Berger (Tweet this)

If you’re not completely sold on why you should create these Twitter lists, here are a few hypothetical scenarios that using lists could make possible:

  • Imagine you’re going to an industry conference and don’t know anyone there. You create a Twitter list of people using the event’s hashtag and attempt to start conversations with people before the conference, and several people offer to meet up the night before the conference so you won’t walk into the keynote not knowing a soul.
  • If you follow thousands of people, there’s no way to see every tweet from every person you follow (unless you don’t need to eat, work, or sleep). Luckily, you created a list of all of the media outlets for your industry in addition to following them. So you notice when one of them is looking for people to interview on an article about what your company does. You reply to the tweet and your company gets a mention on a major industry site.
  • You have a private Twitter list of competitors to see what they’re doing in the social media sphere. You don’t originally think that your company is a good fit for Pinterest, but notice through this list that several of your competitors are pushing their Pinterest presences and their customers are eating it up. Obviously, you decide to look further into how your company can create a strategy for the network.

Source: eZanga


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