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Is Twitter Really Worth $10 Billion?

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Bloomberg’s Doug MacMillan discusses the valuation of Twitter compared to Facebook. He speaks with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

For New Bloggers: Most Asked Questions – Infographic

Blogger Money Talk answers the questions that bloggers have about making money from blogging. We cover everything from Affiliate Marketing to Brand Sponsorship. No hype. Just straight talk. Follow along as we share what is making money for bloggers now. Continue reading

Worst Social Media Advice You Can Get – Part 12, Don’t Get Personal

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Social media gives you the opportunity to share a bit more personality than your website may allow. In fact, personality is often what gets you noticed in social media. After all, “People don’t fall in love with hex colors and logos — they fall in love with people,” as branding strategist Erika Napoletano (@RedHeadWriting) shared. Show the personality behind your brand and people to make your social media marketing more lovable so people naturally want to connect and engage with you. Continue reading

New York City Impressions – Pier 17, Downtown

NYC Pier Orange 4e98d5bcbbd711e2820f22000a1fbcef_7New York City Impressions, Pier 17 and Downtown – Picture taken with iPhone 4S and edited with BeFunky and Instagram filters. To see more of our pictures visit Instagram

Google’s Stock Price: What Is Boosting It?

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Alex Moazed, Chief Executive Officer of Applico, discusses excitement surrounding the Google conference and the affect of wearable technology on their outlook. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Apple’s Plan for the Next iPhone

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Jefferies Managing Director Peter Misek discusses his outlook for the next iPhone with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Most Engaging On Google+ – Oh, Wow! – Infographic

Is Google+ a ghost town or is it a speakeasy with a cup full of moonshine waiting for those brave enough to knock on its door?  This week, Reuters posted an analysis of Google’s social layer revealing that 40 percent of the brands with pages on Google+ either aren’t posting content at all or aren’t updating their pages very often. Continue reading

Mobile Purchases And Banking Keep Growing – Infographic

Mobile banking infographic from Jumptap and comScore, illustrating people turning to mobile devices for purchases and finances. Continue reading

Content Marketing: Increase The Quality Of Your Content – Part 5, Host A Webinar

Host a webinar

Logo TheMainStreetAnalyst 8713679455_e0394e3f7e_zThe easiest way to find a topic for a webinar is to create a webinar about your company and what you do. Webinars can be created using services like WebEx or GoToMeeting. Set a date for the webinar, create a landing page for participants to register and then send out a newsletter to your customer database and inform them. Make sure you support the webinar with a PowerPoint presentation and record the webinar. Continue reading