Does Marketing Automation Make You A Superhero Marketer? – Infographic

The modern marketer has some impressive powers.

From the super speed with which they are able to respond to prospects to the telepathy they employ to know exactly what a consumer is thinking, modern marketers are more like superheroes than mere office dwellers.

So what’s happened to transform marketers from measly hunch-based, message-pushing mortals? What’s given marketers such impressive superpowers? Marketing automation is the answer. By putting more technology and abilities at the fingertips of marketers, automation has transformed the average marketer into something greater.

Unlike the abilities of the average superhero, these superpowers are available to everyone. We’ve put together the infographic below to help showcase some of the amazing abilities automation offers the modern marketer and how it can transform your marketing for the better.

What do you think about marketing automation?

Source: Pardot



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