Social Business: Setting The Record Straight – Infographic

There’s confusion spreading across the business world today with respect to what social means in business. Is “social” the tweets, Facebook® contests, LinkedIn® articles and other social media outreach practices companies implement to gain an online following and spread brand and product awareness? Is it the Facebook® statuses, tweets and other personal communications customers (and even employees) share about a company? Or is “social” the business tools we use to improve communication and collaboration within organizations and with external business partners that, from a user interface and engagement perspective, often mirror social media sites? The answer: all of the above.

So how can businesses distinguish between these seemingly parallel yet considerably different social practices? The key is in clearly defining the two social initiatives that have become the cornerstones for business on a global scale: social media vs. a newer and growing trend, Social Business Collaboration. In this infographic, we aim to summarize not only the difference between social media and Social Business Collaboration (also commonly referred to as social business and social enterprise), but to also examine” 1) the emerging workforce’s expectations with respect to social technologies and 2) steps to successfully implement Social Business Collaboration in your organization.



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