Daily Archives: June 9, 2013

Your Next Job May Be as Close as Your Cell Phone

Looking for work? You may not need to look farther than your cell phone. Bloomberg’s Betty Liu explains how companies are increasingly turning to mobile and social media in their search for employees.

Online Marketing Strategy Tip – Engage Your Audience

The next hurdle businesses face is figuring out a way to actually engage their audience. Without that engagement, it’s difficult to be seen.

The benefits of generating engagement from your audience on social media should not be overlooked. Continue reading


YouTube Tip: Create A Video Landing Page

For the B2B videos we produce, it’s best not to use YouTube. Although it’s easier to get ranked in search results using YouTube, you’re missing a lot of benefit because the video on YouTube will rank — not the one on your site. To combat this, create a video landing page and sitemap optimized for your company; you’ll get the video to rank and drive traffic to your site. —Andrew Angus, Switch Video

Inbound Marketing In 5 Steps – Infographic

In order to turn your business into a lead generating machine, it is important to understand how inbound marketing works. Have a look at this infographic and get started. Continue reading